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The Drowning (2021) 1x01 + Riverdale 5x07 + DS9 5x13 Reviewed

The Drowning (2021) 1x01

A 4 part Channel 5 drama. A child drowns. He has a scar on his face. Why didn't his family watch him? The mother of the dead boy sees a teenager she thinks is her son and follows him like a crazy stalker to his school. Why did they never find the drowned child's body? Why is the father (now remarried to a bimbo) so disinterested in Tom (drowned boy) possibly being alive? The bimbo new wife is a bitch.

The mother gets a job as a music tutor at the boy's school. The boy who looks like Tom is called Daniel. Some irritating bitch annoys at the school. The mother's father dies. Why is her ex and his whore at the father's funeral? Why does the mother hate her dead father? He blamed her for the drowning. Daniel's father shows up. This was boring and did not live up to expectations.

Best Line:

“One day that isn't all about her.”

Chapter Eighty-three: Fire In The Sky

The fire drama was resolved off screen. Archie decides to be a fireman. There is a creepy coroner. Polly's still missing. Veronica calls her pater daddy like she's a toddler. Archie expresses concerns and Cheryl has behavioural issues. Why is she obsessed with the vixens? Cheryl obsesses over a dance off. Hiram is dishonest. Concerns are outlined and Veronica plots. WTF is a mothman? Betty learns of a pattern of missing girls. This was unsatisfactory.

There are secret circumstances and Archie is wistful and Veronica creates a fake currency. Betty has mermaid hair extensions. Hiram has a knack of shrugging off controversey. Pop recalls an alien encounter 50 years ago. Hiram's made a dramatic imposition on the town. This was ridiculous and a fiasco. The gang seem to be staying friends with each other for the sake of their history together.

There are consequential decisions and no rationale. There is no precautionary principle. There are serious underlying issues. Hiram won't let people search the swamp. There are sad but inevitable events. Betty does appeals to emotion. Hiram does coercion and compulsion. Cheryl's grandmother has a mothman body in a barrel of maple syrup.

There is no precautionary approach. There are adverse reactions. The TBK is back. Hiram has tactics and rhetoric and acts disingenuously. There is male entitlement. How did Betty get the latest body back to town? There is a lack of attention to the dead girls. Hiram tries to minimise his awfulness. A vasty disparity of motives is on display. Reggie plots. This is not a mythic genre.

What is Hiram's endgame? There are underlying dynamics. This was not memorable. There are pervasive assumptions. There is active vocal participation. There is no renewed optimism. Greed is the impetus for bad decisions. The great potential harm lurks. Risk dramatically increases. A gun is grabbed. People are badly affected. Archie yells and there is a cost to inertia.

People solidified and justified their stances and are entrenched in their positions. Hiram is tainted by allegations. There is no abundance of caution and no precautionary princples. There is damage to public confidence. This was ineffectual and subpar. Contentions are made. There are negative behaviours and actions and a limited perspective.

This was not supremely effective. There is no veneer of credibility. This was a disastrous failure. There are complex situations and a dark renaissance. This was utterly ridiculous. Jughead has the best of intentions. Badness is sadly inevitable. They're reactionary. Public trust is undermined. This was undeniably bizarre. There are direct consequences. The mothman body vanishes. There is no meaningful interaction. Archie is loud and excited. Where did Veronica get a firetruck? This was utterly unnatural and intermnably long. There is no strong and positive influence.

Best Lines:

“Non existant town.”

“Riverdale can't be saved, your high school is a joke.”

“He firebombed the firehouse.”

“This squad is my birthright.”

“Revive a dying economy: namely ours.”

“Renovate a seedy video store.”

“Going with the truckers.”

“Something really bad is happening in that swamp.”

“About 50 years ago.”

“Don't like to be known.”

“Maple syrup and decay.”

“What the hell are we fighting for?”

“Do you live on sketch alley?”

“Make this town better.”

“Fighting in a war that didn't change a thing!”

“Something very strange happened in Riverdale last night.”

“Problematic histories.”

“A rich psychopath who won't let us search his land.”

“Flooding the economy with money I didn't print.”

For The Uniform

Sisko looks for Eddington. Eric Pierpiont guest stars. The main cast do everything. The new holocommunicator is used briefly. Cadet Nog lurks. There is talking, so much talking. Yawn.

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