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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Under Suspicion' promo

Did a Belgian politican kill his wife?

'The Drowning' 1x02 promo


'Charmed' 3x07 promo

Is this still on?

'Batwoman' 2x08 promo

Go away Alice.

'Flash' 7x03 promo


'Superman & Lois' 1x04 promo

The kids suck.

'Debris' 1x04 promo

I'm reminded of 'The Tommyknockers'.

'Wrong Turn' (2021) trailer

A reboot of the 2003 original. Weirdoes, traps, violence, Matthew Modine and this looks good.

Best Lines:

“People know but don't talk about.”

“We don't bother them and they don't bother us.”

“It's happened before.”

“Still living up there?”

I'm sick of people and their deliberate breaches. My ex shattered my hopes and dreams. Damage has been incured. People lack regret or concern. People need to be conciliatory for being shamefully disrespectful.

Recall the 'Cluedo' tv show?

'Tales Of The Unexpected' Quotes:

“Begin their final drive.”

“They had to come.”

“Finished and all the people close to him.”

“A bully and a brute.”

“The most hated student.”

“We feared to disobey them.”

“Fear can be a terrible thing.”

“A senseless thing.”

“That's our only purpose.”

“Time you tasted blood. Your own if necessary.”

“Wouldn't dirty my blade with you.”

“Grovel in defeat.”

“Use the wrist, not the arm!”

“If you think you've sweated boy, just wait until tomorrow!”

“Not without disgrace.”

“Fight for another man's honour.”

“Smelt blood at last.”

“Totally lacking in honour.”

“Stop now with honour.”

“Ours was a sad love.”

“No sense of honour at all.”

“I shouldn't care to have his conscience.”

“Lived in disgrace.”

“Less spectacular method of murder.”

“We are here because we lost.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Frankly baffled by the decisions made by the EU.”

“Everyone hates the film.”

“Price competitive.”

“Eccentric to other people.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Munching on scallops somewhere in the harbour.”

“Risk committee.”

“Not to disturb the walrus.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Tabloid hate-figure status.”

“Wrongly portrayed and targeted.”

“Obscure occupations.”

“Society is brekaing down, further and further.”

“Infamy that is indistinguishable from fame.”

“How do we disinvite my future husband's family from our wedding?”

“Brought a bit of peace into our lives.”

“Given him confidence to make the decisions that his siblings intimidated him out of making.”

“Caused fury and some despicable behaviour.”

“Ramifications will be permament.”

“Heckled at times by thsoe opposed to their views.”

“Strong and positive influence.”

“Legacy of expectation.”

“Result in negative behaviours and actions.”

“Lead to a family breakdown that can even go down to the next generation, where children of one branch do not speak to children from another.”

“Care for the tradition and life that their parents created for them.”

“Cannot bless sin.”

“Darkening the mood still further.”

“Conspicuous accumulation.”

“Intentionally or recklessly causing public nuisance.”

“Corrode trust.”

“Displayed mounting frustration.”

“Care needs.”

“His volatility and threatening beahaviour have created difficulties for professionals and care workers in seeking to enter the home.”

“General air of neglect and the living room was in a dreadful state.”

“Legal reality.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“All these years to look for him and never did.”

'Absolutely Fabulous' Quote:

“He gets low energy and constipation if I don't mash it up.”

'Murderers And Their Mothers' Quotes:

Not clever enough.”

“Behaviour has been on a trajectory.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Protest perspective.

“Contrived controversy.”

“Legal dispute.”

“Violent incident.”

“Escalated last year.”

“Legal interest.”

“Suffer huge reputational damage.”

“Restricting their movements and lives.”

'Upstart Crow' Quotes:

“Pathetic stupidity.”

“Well intentioned fairies.”

“Whiny woman stuff.”

“Joyless sociopolitcal agenda.”

“Clever gobby birds.”

“Predatory sprites.”

“Come a visiting beneath her petticoats.”

“Court musician.”

“Mount my ass.”

“Mr snorty velvet flank.”

“Benefit of all and profit of none.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Wise guidance.”

“International speculation.”

On 'Hollyoaks': how has Jack lasted so long in this eye rollingly terrible and insufferably tedious show? Sid is in the opening credits – he's not actually dead is he? Darren marries Mandy and then people learn that slutty tarting slap Mandy covered up Ella's murderous ways and sent Charlie to jail. Mandy lied and cheated and decieved to cover up for her moronic spawn and she has no regrets. Jack's stupid. Mandy wears a nightie to marry Darren. Mandy lies more and Nancy unleashes her fuming resentment.

Maxine walks around in a bra top and learns her mother's toyboy lover is dodgy. Mandy's botoxed face can't express emotion. Nancy has a grim litany of grievances, she leaves out Darren's affair with Sienna and the brain injury Sienna gave her that Nancy walked off – oh and the time Darren had Nancy locked up in a nut ward.

This was unsatisfactory and painfully derivitive and pantomine nonsence. Ollie's pathetic and his dealer 'buddy' wants him to kill Ste. So? Mandy and Darren were going to have a wedding reception during a global pandemic. Mandy ignores the horrific repercussions of her actions. Mandy brings up her dead daughter Grace to manipulate Mandy. There is unrelenting staginess. Mandy's horrifically selfish and who did her hooker hair extensions? Where is DJ? I'd forgotten that bastard child existed. Where is Luke? Darren wails about how he cheated on Nancy with Mandy. Why is Jack in a kilt? Why does Jack want Darren to forgive Mandy?

There are no merits to this. Ella isn't a little girl. Mandy is pathetic. Mandy wallows in gloom and why is she orange? Is Darren so stupid that he'd have let Mandy get away with it? Yes. Ella's arrested. Darren's stupid and Nancy slaps Mandy. Who is Ella's father? There is grim significance and this delivers mostly dullness. The local drug dealer isn't frightening. Jack lickarses Mandy and does not care about Charlie. Ollie and Ste annoy. The despicable Mandy gets away with it all.

Best Lines:

“You absolute bitch!”

“Secure children's home.”

“How low can you go Mandy? You've hit the basement!”

“You're meant to be my friend!”

“We never were friends.”

“I don't have any future.”

“You are an abhorrent hateful excuse for a mother!”

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