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Movie Review: The Nun (2018) 👎

In this haunted abbey, the moment you stop praying is the moment you become the prey. Taissa Farmiga stars. There is talk of Amityville and a cameo by the Warrens. This takes place in 1952 Romania. There are crosses at the convent of St Carta which looks like a set. This was not justifiable. This was disastrous and an awkward charade. This was not an enduring legacy.

This does not resonate. Does the cold war/iron curtain not exist? This was appalling and a grim reality. There is a comedy sidekick and stress and anxiety in this interminable film. There is no societal acceptance. There is frustration and institutional hostility and intransigence and invidious positions. There are forseeable consequences in this pitiful film. There are strange purposes and improper purposes and Lili Taylor and adverse effects.

Best Lines:

“Your access will be limited.”

“Call upon the forces of hell.”

“Built by a duke in the dark ages.”

“Felt anything but holy.”

“Terrible, terrible sin.”

“An unspeakable evil would walk amongst us.”

“Bombs of war.”

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