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Elizabeth R 1x04 + Bloodlands 1x04 Reviewed

Horrible Conspiracies

Sir Anthony Babington plots, badly. There is exposition and Mary Queen Of Scots is a constant arrogant threat. People blame their woes on Mary Queen Of Scots who is a blowsy fat old hag in a drag queen wig. Mary Queen Of Scots has no sincere gratitude – she just plots. Where's Arbella Stuart?

Mary Queen Of Scots whines about being ill and has lordly disdain. This was claustraphobic. Mary Queen Of Scots plotting has varying degrees of success. Men are sour. Babington plots and has a 1970s perm and looks like Hugh Laurie. Mary Queen Of Scots is cheerless and a fool.

People plot to kill people, invite a foreign army to invade to put down opposition and all to put Mary on the throne of England. The 1970s perm on Babington is distracting. John Dee lurks. Is Babington's terrible hair a wig? Letters that don't look like vellum are poured over.

Where are Sussex and Darnley during all this? Babington faces an extremity of pain. This was tedious and slow. There is blood and secret compartments. Where is Cecil? Glenda Jackson looks like Bette Davis in some scenes. She has chagrin and acts belligerently.

Mary Queen Of Scots cares for nothing and will not be advised and it leads to her death. This set bound production involves spies and bitter intrigue and double crosses and lust for power. Elizabeth is utterly uncompromising and scornful. Babington (David Collings) fell afoul of Topcliffe (Brian Wilde), This was really grim with an air of gloom.

Best Lines:

“Threw herself upon your great mercy.”

“Hellish priests.”

“Dangerous wickedness.”

“Refuse to recognise her as your enemy.”

“Her various marriages.”

“No mood for this sombre business.”

“Live only to be revenged upon them.”

“Urging war like action.”

“Employed in secret matters.”

“Receive no gifts, harmless or otherwise.”

“No virtuous man requires charity.”

“Distinction between reward and bribe is uncomfortably narrow.”

“My bedsheets were never changed.”

“Wretched house.”

“Every corner was a pissing place!”

“Dreadful destruction of her enemies.”

“Jesuit look about you.”

“Shining glory.”

“Well trusted.”

“Crept into favour.”

“Secret letters.”

“With much cutting.”

“His beard stinks of vomit.”

“Deceit and false dealings.”

“Desire only your deliverance.”

“Lady grumbles much.”

“Agent for the almighty.”

“Listens with obvious reluctance.”

“Hope for rightful monarchy and true religion.”

“Gallant and adventurous.”

“Be the means of her death.”

“Misplaced dreams of glory.”

“Is accepted at court.”

“Around his head flew carrion crows.”

“I have lived on under its dark shadow.”

“Choose his friends with greater care.”

“Swears bare oaths.”

“Inclination for rogues.”

“Believe themselves safe from discovery.”

“Carry the blame.”

“The lesser people.”

“Lead to some greater design.”

“Assist me out of this place.”

“Dispatch of the usurper.”

“Degrades the high office to which she was born.”

“Bored by sensible caution.”

“Loyal and loving subjects.”

“Shadowed by conspiracy.”

“Expect good in a world where men pursue evil.”

“Who knows what end awaits me?”

“Leave me to my melancholy.”

“Souls damned to ever lasting torment.”

“Kill the queen and kill her now.”

“Bad indeed.”

“Get you clothes this day!”

“Europe will descend on us.”

“An anxious man is more likely to act in foolish haste.”

“I hope for nothing!”

“Then you are wise.”

“Brought me to this place.”

“I regret nothing.”

“Popish trinkets.”

“Final moment of happiness.”

“Band of rescuers.”

“Curiously happy.”

“Re-enforce the house.”

“I can be got out of here.”

“Go on for the honour of god.”

“Vile plotting murderess.”

“Intolerable peril.”

“A piss bowl of self-righteousness!”

“Flux will gush forth later.”

“He is taken.”

“Well punished.”

“Terrible indeed.”

“Led by others.”

“Well informed of your arrogance.”

“Most terrible end.”

“Fearful process.”

“Stinking like a blocked midden.”

“Bore the animal away.”

“Quite removed form this earth.”

“No peace for the dead.”

“Criminal projects.”

“True kin and rightful heir to her throne.”

“Grevious faults and crimes.”

“I owe England nothing.”

“Connive at my death.”

“Condemned unheard.”

“Little realm.”

“Proper indifference.”

“Evil willers.”

“Little regard.”

“More dangeorus dead than alive.”

“No wish for your company.”

“Town dwelling is not to my taste.”

“Frightful and odious.”

Bloodlands 1x04

Tries for solemn pathos but delivers mostly dullness. This got renewed? This makes no sense. Tom's motives make no sense. Tom's coworkers suspect him. This was mindless, plotless and violently unrealistic. Ireland is referred to as the Free State. Seriously?!? Is Tom's wife alive? Where is she?

Best Lines:

“Listen to me.”

“No that time has passed.”

“You've some explaining to do.”

“A darkness in you I just don't understand.”

“Enjoy a life you've no right to!”

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