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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Line Of Duty' series 6 trailer

Hastings rages. Steve looks like grizzly adams and is Kate H?

'Them' teaser


'The Falcon And The Winter Solider' promos


Best Lines:

“Androids, aliens and wizards.”

“There are no wizards.”

“Doctor Strange.”

'Pretty Smart' (1987) trailer

This has all the best bits and is better than the movie.

'Six Minutes To Midnight' promo


Ginger ale & lime triple distilled Irish whiskey – no.

Hunky Dorys crinkle cut cheddar cheese & spring onions flavour potato crisps – okay.

Gluten free choc brownie – yum.

Gunpowder fries – okay.

Peanut butter snickers – nice.

Quality Street prlaine truffles – no.

Witch's butter looks eeeew.

I feel completely isolated and alone and completely forgotten about. Nobody cares. People have faults and failings. People are awful and self serving. Abominable people are exclusionary. People are not brilliantly supportive. People are completely oblivious and have epic indifference. One has irrational fantasies. I have deep distrust. People are uninterested and have cloven consciences. I am increasingly riled and fractious. People have disregard and cause ructions and have an avowed lack of interest. People need to do more to show they care and one feels a terrible sense of loss. People deny compasison and love. People gratuitously antagonise. My ex was apparently pleasant, kind and caring. People are disheartening. There is shameful behaviour and unavenged wrongs. Some people are frankly repllent and cause deep rifts. My ex failed me utterly. He did a cruel act and was uncaring. People think they're unassailable.

What's smoked oil? Or vegan brownies? What is pickled apple gel? Or sea buckthorn? Or elderflower set custard?

Who saw 'Human Remains' or 'Misery'?

I'd try burnt tomato salsa and a lime crema.

I want an easter praline scotch egg and a milk chocolate ocean egg and a milk chocoalte pistachio cream chocolate egg and an acorn easter egg and a mother hen egg. I want a chopard yellow-and-rose gold and coloured-diamond eagle ring.

'Disappeared' Quotes:

“Second wave of predators.”

“Loved me more than I deserved.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Doled out favours.”

“Caring responsibilities,”

“Caring role.”

“Scandal -lagued.”

“Profess themselves as been quite astonished by that the fact that there are mnay in society who can be so unreasonable as to insist on a change in this attitude.”

“Intrinsic to Irish social culture.”

“State hostage.”

“Think that they have the right to dictate how we mourn and how we react,”

“Irreversible damage.”

“Love of social order.”

“Made this a resigning matter.”

“It will like Game Of Thrones in there.”

“Depressingly famiiar,”

“Feel exhausted by.”

“Teach us to be afraid of from childhood.”

“The affirmation of their masculinity in relation of how women respond to them,”

“Highest cultural distinction.”

“You sprout-eating clods!”

“Creepy vibes.”

“Quite literally drive to their own front gates to collect their mail.”

“Good reputation for social engagement.”

“Having the TV at exactly the volume you like.”

“Owning alonement in public.”

“I didn't matter, and I was an inconvenience.”

“Rare microclimate.”

“Community building.”

“Deserving of his amorous attention.”

“Force of will leading to reluctant submission.”

“Malodorous American mammal with an unexplained French accent.”

“Paranoid notion.”

“When he really became dangeorus.”


“Took a perverse pride in its very absence of attractions.”

“Disdainful self-importance.”

“Fawning idealisation.”

“Sexual intention.”

“Knowledge of consequences.”

“Her desire disqualifies her from protection and from justice. One a woman is thought to have said yes to something, she can say no to nothing.”

“Little knowing that far greater threars lay ahead.”

“Nostalgic revival.”

“Cultural shortcomings.”

“Method statement.”

“Potent emotional and cultural resonance.”

“Cultural connotations.”

“Without proper regard for the long-term consequences.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Using battlefield weapons.”

“Sub 'Seven' snore.”

“Smiling liberal.”

“Plods from one uninteresting set piece to the next.”

“Wanted him to stop acting.”

“Disillusioned and desperate.”

“Passingly fun.”

“Unpleasantly familiar.”

“Helps him to fall off a roof.”

“Deadly hobby.”

“Thrillingly jolly.”

“Series ending.”

“Sorry end.”

“Intellectually engaging.”

“Self consciously clever clever.”

“Anguish of being a misunderstood genius.”

'The Missing' Quotes:

“Everything wouldn't be okay.”

“Personal challenges.”

'South Park' Quotes:

“Oh dear christ what have we done?”

“Snack basket.”

“Damn old people!”

“Now everybody hates us!”

“Someone pooped on my life.”

“Don't kill mom buddy.”

“Militant group.”

“Like the prophecy found on the internet!”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Nervous teeth marks.”

“Apologise and mostly mean it.”

“In a feud with them.”

“Located in the 3rd abandoned mall on route 1.”

“You learn a lot of sad things when you sell weed to teachers.”

'Celebrity' Quotes:

“Faking serious scholarship.”

“Conscience-tormenting memory.”

“Matters over and done with.”

“Lunatic mess.”

“Notoriously sinful.”

“Abhorrent behaviour,”

“Beign apathy.”

“I don't understand why people don't don't like me anymore,”

“Horror of twenty-five years there after.”

“Bragful bun,”

“Reputation for ominious behaviour.”


“Trespasser in the land of money.”

“His footprints had been blown away by the sand sof time.”

“Impassioned repentance.”

“Unrepellable attack.”

'They Live' Quote:

“Mama don't like tattletales.”

'The Directors' Quote:

“Inescapably fatalistic.”

'Assault On Precinct 13' Quote:

“Horrible extremes.”

'The Fog' Quotes:

“I thought you were happily married.”

“Not that happy.”

'Escape From New York' Quotes:

“Containment wall.”

“Prisoners and the worlds they have made.”

'The Lake Erie Murders' Quote:

“Drifts into memory.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Space toilet situation.”

“All hanging outside Tesco, in the dark, sitting on cold strps.”

“Ungalamorously ordinary life.”

“Expelled from the student union executive in spectacular fashion.”

“Making a disastrously ill-judged stunt phone call to the station from a brothel hot tub in Amsterdan.”

“Daytime TV darling.”

“Irreproachable ascent.”

“Potentially fatal treatment decisions.”

“Cognitive clarity.”

“Calamitous consequnces.”

“Exhausting public sympathy.”

“Domestic order.”

“Resurrection of harsh things said in the past.”

“Tragically awful.”

“Lifelong grievance.”

“Knee-deep in discarded underwear.”

“Changed in ways none of them could have anticipated or wanted.”

“Targeted assault.”

“Their ability to de-escalate.”

“Forced entry.”

“On standby 24/7.”

“Marauding terror attack.”

“Mob attack.”

“Fractiousness and frustrations.”

“Armed police culture.”

“Aggressive tactics.”

“There was a time in living memory,”

“Dare other gangs on pain of death to trespass on their turf.”

“20-year dispute between the two.”

“Dark, engimatic film roles.”

“Get Twittered and Reddited to oblivion,”

“Deranged obsession.”

“Mad nationwide craze.”

“Volatile reaction.”

“Bracingly bizarre.”

“Numb to your own life.”

“Take dysfucntion to the next level.”

“Faded pathos.”

“Torches that seem like the last light of human hope?”

“Not regarded as an author of the highest reputation.”

“Bad things happening in lovely places.”

“Grim litany.”


“Cultural propaganda.”

“Increasingly critical.”

“Moral decision.”

“Objectionable views.”

“Collecting impulse.”

“Ferocious dedication.”

“Dedicated and brilliant.”

“Chicken switch.”


“Attendant tumult.”

“Unspeakable injustices.”

“Attention is money and power.”

“Exceptionally unprepared.”

“Resplendent blankness.”


“Laughed bitterly.”

“Often protrayed as a lunatic for his ranting videos in which he cackles like an evil clown,”

“Final desperate plea.”

“Artistic impact.”

“Unending quest.”

“Lost entire languages.”

“Derogatory origins.”

“Grim injustice.”

“That status also brings him enemies.”

“Loyalty is fragile.”

“Could no longer be eradicated.”

“Sheer meance.”

“Feel traduced.”

“Negotiated reconciliation.”

“Relies on echoes of a glorious past.”

“Minimising their response.”

“The pee tunnel.”

“To general derison.”

“Such loiters.”

“Bitterly contested.”

“Roles ordained for them by birth.”

“Disagreeable realities.”

'Business Post Irish Tatler' Quotes:

“Online curators.”

“Archives of my childhood,”

“Purveyors of nostalgia,”

“Talking too fondly of the good old days.”

“Unrelenting abandon,”

“Uplifting classics.”

“Sinister cohort.”

“Absolute conviction.”

“With the passion of a true believer.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“What people wanted to see and believe,”

“Gave the process a horrifying reputation.”

“Feral undertones.”

“Simple, easy flavours.”

“Foreign to their experience.”

“Used to being gazed at and estimated.”

“The old guard watching the potential future and not necessarily liking it.”

“Irresponsible advice.”

“What was normal about any of this?”

“Disbelieved and treated like scum.”

“Hygiene-dodging era.”

“Finish preference.”

“Sits there and goes thud.”

“Hostile questions.”

“Astonishingly odd.”

“Great capacity to spend money.”

“Anthing but wholesome.”


“Horrors that had apparently ahppened,”

“Thrillingly impossible.”


“Troublesome and tragic.”

“Oblique purposes.”

“Absurdly pleasurable.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Offer judgment but no assistance,”

“Sheer lunacy.”

“Idiots get to feel like intellectuals.”

"Hiding behind the guise of concern.”

“Highlights the isolation of those adjudged to be bad parents by their community.”

“Calculatedly dramatic.”

“Cynical public attitude.”

“Calculated persona.”


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