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Movie Reviews: The Lady In Black + Heads And Tails + The House Bunny 🐇

The Lady In Black (1958)

Swedish. Subtitled. No.

Best Lines:

“Men never acknowledge the wiles of women.”

“I broke 6 knuckles saving you.”

“You're not ugly.”

“Your assets are in the right place.”

Heads And Tails (2019)

This Romanian film is subtitled. A man gets a head injury in a nightclub. Rejecting all attempts to help him, he's slowly dying. What happened is clear. The mystery is whyy? The 'nightclub' looks like someone's filthy, cheap basement. Romanian music plays and there is bad acting. There is not even ghoulish interest. There are turtles. One is not living in normal times. The injured man is doing intentional dereliction of his health and well being. The man rejects all attachment and links and has a profound disconnect. There are conflictual relationships. The ending is stupid. This causes a manifest lack of enthusiasm.

The House Bunny (2008)

Anna Faris is tossed out of the playboy mansion. She gets a job at a college. No. Colin Hanks is in this and the film's funniest scene is the infamous scene where Faris fails horribly at copying Marilyn Monroe's skirt billowing scene in 'The SevenYear Itch'. Emma Stone is in this. This was increasingly absurd full on derangement.

Best Line:

“Men write to me from prison, sometimes even in their own blood, which I think is theirs.”

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