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Castle Rock 2x09&2x10 Reviewed 👎👎

Caveat Emptor

The events of season 1 are finally mentioned. The Kid is evil I guess. Where is he? People are possessed. Skip 2 eps and the show goes mad. Pangborn is said to have been killed by his wife. Annie's crazy. This was below par and unbearably silly. Ace asks malevolently and Pop puts things to nefarious use. There are moral quandaries and a fog od ordinariness.

“Takes cast off things.”

“Brought you to a bad place.”

“Find a way out before they find a way in.”

“I killed some people...I killed some more people.”

“You hit him. A lot.”

“He was bad. A lot.”

“Gaping vacancy of a life.”


The non-possessed Pop babbles about other dimensions. Annie's dumb. The kid lurks. Annie reads a 'Misery' book. This was bereft of possibility. Annie kills Joy and stalks Paul Sheldon. This wasn't good.

Best Lines:

“The end of them.”

“I'm his number 1 fan."

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