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Movie Reviews: The Best Of Enemies + Dreams Of A Life + The Stranger + Framed + Discarnate

The Best Of Enemies (2019)

This is a true story about school intergration in 1971. There is ranting and shows of masculinity. People are racists and there is rigid adherence to being awful. Things get contentious and this was not a sincere piece of storytelling. This does not achieve something unforgettable. This was unpromising and people have suspicion of outsider-ways.

There is no moral vision or unease. People have been battered by life. People are seeking nostalgia and vanished boyhood. People are casualties of life. Nobody is charm personified. This was not cherished. There is irony and cynicism. This causes boredom and people are insular and prejudiced and narrow. The century is flipping and people wish for greater things. This was not compelling and there was no timelessness.

There is inevitable disappointment in this empty film. There are would be committed performances. A man rants about the terrible scourge of civil rights and then changes his mind. This was not especially popular. There is hostile camapign. Anne Heche, Taraji P. Henson, Sam Rockwell, Wes Bentley and Nick Searcy star.

Best Lines:

“Vile slum lord.”

“Youth corps.”

“I better see your face looking black and angry!”

“You smell like beer.”

“Make a living easier than this!”

Dreams Of A Life (2011)

This is a documentary about a woman who died in her bedsit and nobody noticed for 3 years. RIP Joyce Vincent. It wasn't until the baliffs smashed the door down that her remains were found. This documentary talks to people who knew Vincent, her family are not involved. How did nobody notice? There is talk of council tax.

Vincent had 4 sisters. She worked in the treasury department but ended up as a recluse working as a cleaner. She moved a lot and was less than willing to have people close. She had illnesses. How did she die? Nobody knows. They found wrapped christmas presents. Why didn't anyone act? Vincent's voice is heard and we see footage of her meeting Nelson Mandela. This was sad.

Best Lines:

“Dead, lonely, sad.”

“Everyone's got someone.”

“No one there for her.”

“Starting to be noted.”

“Kick the door in.”

“Funny smells.”

“Someone would come looking.”

“Parental control of her.”

“40 and lonely.”

“Allow someone to disappear.”

“Terribly sad thing really.”

“It's grim.”

“Annoyingly happy...nicely happy.”

“A nice school.”

“Very well liked person.”

“400 pound dress on.”

“Came from quite a good background.”


“Make the effort.”

“All thought we cared about.”

“Living reality of it.”

The Stranger (1946)

Orson Welles stars in this film as a Nazi war criminal in hiding. There is lurking and sweating. People lurk, ominiously and there is a fat joke. The criminal lives on with his unrepudiated beliefs and is chased by a man on a moral crusade. The war criminal gets an idiot wife. The darkest chapter of human history is explored. The war criminal has deservedness of his reputaiton. He feels blamelessness. This was slow. The war criminal spews nazi doctrine at a dinner table as the nice locals listen on. This comes to an OTT finale.

Best Lines:

“You can't fool them anymore.”

“Tricks won't do you any good!”

“Why wasn't it I?”

“Punishment of war criminals.”

“Face this thing with complete honesty.”

“I'm sick of words.”

“Still I insist.”

“This obscenity must be destroyed!”

“Might as served as a clue to my identity.”

“Surrounded by the son's of America's first families.”

“Stike again.”

“The Messiah is not the prince of peace.”

“An obsecenity on the face of the Earth.”

“I followed orders.”

“You gave the orders!”

Framed (1988)

Swedish. Subtitled. No.

Discarnate (2018)


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