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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Falcon And The Winter Solider' promo


'Kung Fu' promo


'Debris' 1x03 promo

No. Looks immensely unpleasant.

'Doomed!' trailer

The story of Corman's take on 'Fantastic 4'.

'Flash' 7x02 clip
The real Harrison Wells back at last.

Gluten free chocolate brownie – okay.

Aero dark and milk peppermint sharing bar – okay.

What is cultured butter?

Chelsea Quinn Yarbo allegedy has 2 Saint-Germain books written and 1 in progress. But why aren't they published?

I'll review 'Crock Of Gold' and 'The Drowning'.

Who saw 'Play It To The Bone'?

Tom Cavanagh has left 'Flash'?!? WTF is the point of the show now?

Is anyone concerned for my welfare? I hate loneliness. Resentment is a natural response to assholes. My ex did gratuitous lying and had huge indifference. My ex is not desperately sorry. I receive no help at all. There are curel and mean ill-natured people out there. People are unedifying. I feel unloved and unwanted.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Obvious unhappiness and broken relationships.”

“Among as serious as they get.”

“Fairly shocking revelation.”

“It ain't good.”

“They are not necessary.”

“Her doing.”

“Not changerable.”

“Not inconsequential.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Soil itself will catch fire.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Do untold damage.”

“Toxic culture of bullying.”

“Frustration and anger within the palace.”

“Headlines could not be worse.”

“Fallout is nuclear.”

“Absolutely diabolical behaviour.”

“Young thinkers.”

“Silence is deafening.”

“Tremendous fallout.”

“Nobody was listening to her.”

“Uncaring and unsupportive.”

“If that affection goes.”

'I Am A Cliche' Quotes:

“Negative response from the press.”

“Laughable and passe.”

“Positive army.”

“Elation and despair.”

“Elation and despair.”

“Continue to exist as an authentic person.”

“What is this bollocks?”

“World she had created for me.”

“Had enough for it.”

“The Indian scene.”

“Found a common purpose.”

“Central pillar of her life.”

“Do some wacky things.”

“Chasing celibate monks round.”

“Completely lost it.”

“About to get much worse.”

“Heaven had become a hell.”

“Source of contention.”

“Creative expression.”

“Long and bitter court case.”

“Needed years of thearpy.”

“Ultimate betrayal.”

“Shouting, slammed doors and angry tears.”

“Pushed me down the stairs.”

“Calming effect.”

“Blissfully unaware.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Talking about the glory days when they were 17 years old.”

“To be treated like a god, just for a few minutes.”

“Future decades of brand loyalty.”

“Fate has long been intertwined.”

“Fierce polemic.”

“Continued non-availability.”

“Drink unobserved and without male company.”

“Unmanagerable levels.”

“Harassed into paying through threatening reminders on TV and radio.”

“Lived in fear of the media.”

“Kicks a bin.”

“How scared they are of the tabloids turning on them.”

“Solemn days,”


“Parlous ignorance.”

“Stirs up feelings of resentment and indignation?”

“Remembered for being forgotten.”

“Inner thermal lining.”


“Stunningly persistent notion.”


“Sombre details.”

“Violent fiascos.”

“Angst and despair.”

“Teleological destiny.”

“Ambiguous musings.”

“Horrific tragedy.”

“Grim biopic.”

“Quietly underrated.”

“Smack talk.”

“Minimise any incidents.”

“Had gone to his glove compartment.”

“Settle a dispute.”

“Those trying to reach the spotlight.”

“Stone useless.”

“Reckless ways with money.”

“Heaviest cultural influence-”


'48 Hours' Quotes:

“Completely and utterly dead.”

“Grieivng over all she'd lost.”

'Killer Couples' Quotes:

“Black hole fire.”

“Fuel fire.”

“Code enforcement.”

“Actively plotted.”

“Betray and murder his best friend for murder.”

“Floors are burned away.”

“Kind and beloved handyman.”

“Ominious clue.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Biting incident.”

“Limited intellectual capacity.”

“Put a strain on the whole household.”

'Continues to thrust upwards.”

“Treasured symbol.”

'Oprah With Meghan & Harry' Quotes:

“Nation's villain.”

“Cause driven work.”

“Chick Inn.”

“Mental trouble.”

“Media content.”

“Threat or risk.”

“If and when called upon.”

“Regret beliving that.”

“Control by fear that has existed for generations.”

“So attacking.”

“Risk level.”

“Inherited the risk.”

'Disappeared' Quote:

“Wasn't prepared to face that.”

'JAG' Quotes:

“Desire for glory.”

“Reckless flying.”

“Only one who sees these things?”

“Find somebody to fight.”

On 'Hollyoaks': the rando annoys and is sleazy and is hated by his family. Nobody wears masks except to take them off. Mercedes continues to exclude and drive out Cher. Sylver learns Mercedes cheated on him and made a sex tape of it! This comes after Mercedes laughs in Cher's face about Romeo cheating on her. Ollie's a pathetic loser.

Mercedes is awful with glee. Mercedes whines about being seen as a slut. Is Sylver her 6th or 7th husband? Romeo blames Cher for his cheating and claims he thinks less of her. Cher fervently desires to get rid of Mercedes. How was Mandy on holiday during a pandemic? Mercedes is utterly uncompromising in her hatred of Cher and has seething resentment. Sylver is useless. This goes bad very fast.

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