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Book Reviews: The Dark Corners Of The Night

The Dark Corners Of The Night by Meg Gardiner

The 3rd book in the 'Unsub' series but not the last. A pitiless serial killer is capriciously, gratuitously violent. There is a febrile atmosphere as the killer who relishes and loves his work strikes. He is unrestrained, likes to exert control and is singularly elusive and relentlessly present. There is profound moral choice and this isn't impressively unpredictable.

The heroine, Caitlin, is full of sap and bland platitudes. This was oddly dull and ass backwards. The case isn't an easy road. This was over written and full of purple prose and an apperance by the star of the author's 'Jo Beckett' books.

Best Lines:

“Design strategies to capture him.”

“A terrifying opponent.”

“Didn't need more turmoil under his roof.”

“Some mentor,”

“Raging against imagined foes.”

“Keep forsenic psychiatrists busy for years,”

“Didn't stomp around screaming like figures from a Hieronymus Bosch hellscape 24/7.”

“The guy who screamed, 'Shoot the dog' at an eighth grader might not be the role model to turn the kid away from sociopathy.”

“Juvenile psychopathy.”

“It's a possibility. An unpleasant one.”

“It's a label that's simply too horrifying to apply to kids.”

“It's a hopeless diagnosis that carries not just a stigma but actual moral horror.”

“Conduct Disorder with Callous Traits,”

“Tragic and extremely dangerous.”

“A poverty of compassion that manifests in cold calculation,”


“Knife fight at the winter formal.”

“Distrust of schoolmates.”

“It's beyond disturbing.”

“How are we goinhg to define 'disturbed'?”

“Need to be surrounded and subdued before he has a chance to react. Otherwise, he'll never go quietly.”

“What'll the killer do if he's identified? If his face is flashed across every television screen in the city? If the authorities confront him?”

“Nothing peaceful,”

“Violently anti-social.”

“Positive focus. Man time.”

“A full-time schemer. And hater. And thief.”

“They've often been analyzed, drugged, arrested, incarcerated, institutionalized, and fended off with actual sticks by their terrorized families.”

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