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Trinity Series 1 Review, Part 2

Ep 8

And so 'Trinity' comes to an end. I hope there is a series 2. Dorian's nasty father shows up and he's Maltravers boss. The Project turns out to be about creating a super soldier. But what is the next stage? Angela annoys. Angus and Raj fall out. Rosalind is to be shipped off to China to marry someone she doesn't know for mysterious reasons. In fact a whole bevy of girls all named Rosalind are setting off to be married.

Dorian tries to justify himself to Charlotte, he has her handcuffed to a pipe so his plans don't go the way he wants. There is talk of a coming war. Cooper has killed eight students during his experiments, somehow nobody has ever noticed this. Cooper shoots Dorian, sadly not fatally.

Someone dies, someone turns out not to be dead, super soldier Jonty is ready and a new world order is being planned. So many questions. Wars, super soldiers, numerous Rosalind's, mysterious weddings and Jonty. This was okay and there must be a series 2!

Best Lines:
"Do you know I woke up this morning with this excited feeling just here. What could that be do you think?"

"We will live happily ever after. Just like Romeo and Juliet."

"Just don't hurt Dorian will you. I do need an heir."

"There's going to be a war. Not like the world wars. It won't be for nations, identities, territories. It'll be for what's left."

"They're not good people, they're evil. They do evil things. They make me do evil things."
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