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Movie Reviews: The Art Of Self-Defense+A Guest Is Coming+Washed Away+Bus Party To Hell + 1 more

The Art Of Self-Defense (2019)

A man is not living contentedly and awaits a glorious shove into happiness. Cue darkest moments. This was enthusiastically boring. People hope desperately for an end to confusion. They want bravado. Rejection comes thick and fast. This waas dull and it strains your patience and displeases you.

People become dazed and supplicants content to live with the social parameters set by a cult leader/dojo master. People talk about manifesting and visualising. This was not eventful. This was incomprehensible and full of trademark miserabalism. What horrors lie ahead for them. People are under the cosh. This was calamitous. There was animosity and this was dense, dull and desolate.

Best Lines:

“Engaged in combat.”

“If the fight will end up on the ground.”

A Guest Is Coming (1947)

Swedish. Subtitled. No wit.

Washed Away (2017)


Bus Party To Hell (2017)

Tara Reid stars in this tale of Burning Man partygoers who end up in peril. There is bad acting and nudity. There is death and incoherence. This was sexist and terrible. There is gore and vampires.

Best Lines:

“Watched the 'Mad Max' series 1 too many times!”


“Yeah. It's a side effect of being murdered.”

Run Silent, Run Deep (1958)

A dull Clark Gable submarine movie. Tries to be realistic despite Gable and his XO being way too old for their roles.

Best Lines:

“A dead crew! A dead sub!”

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