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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Made For Love' promo

Mad. Am interested.

I feel let down and disengaged. My ex continuously lied to me. I was deceived by someone. I feel miserable and angry. People are uncaring. People have no sincerity. They are an ill-mannered rabble and they have coldness. I'm sick of dismissve people. I have huge frustration and angst. I'm pretty much let down all the time.

3 long waited parcels are still out there. Have they disappeared?

I'd like patchouli & cedar perfume.

I'd try chocolate and blood orange fondant tart. I'd try crystallised mint leaf.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Protect reputations.”

“Damning words.”

“Going on for decades.”

“Under the influence.”

“Monastic ruins.”

“Hazard map.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“A type they tethered themselves to for decades.”

“Exposure to other people's fame.”

“Do what's not expected.”

“In your pants in FHM.”

“Savage headlines.”

“No happy-ever-after in store,”

“You only really get to know your nearest and dearest after they've been found dead at the bottom of a cliff in suspicious cirumstances.”

“Felt isolated and non-contextualised for most of my life,”

“Landfill indie.”

“Internet famous.”

“Generational labels.”

“Fire-hosing disdain.”

“Obviously heinous,”


“Lecture-hall stuff.”


“Weird politeness.”

“Fateful conjuncture,”

“Fixed identities,”

“Shape our minds.”

“Capriciousness of memory.”

“Collective memory of a past trauma.”

“Limits of love and attachment.”

“Assumes that we already know much about the unfamiliar world she inhabits, requiring that we peice together basic narrative context from clues, hints and innuendos.”

“More deserving of a life of opportunity and dignity.”

“Desperate solution.”

“Knows more than they are able to acknowledge.”

“Devastating acquiescence.”

“Risking the antagonism.”

“Morally urgent.”

“Selective remembrance.”

“What he remembers and what has changed.”

“Attendant disregard.”

“Anguish and squalor.”

“Blight all those with whom they form connections.”

“Socially structured codes of behaviour.”

“Nowhere feels safe to me,”

“Wasn't being listened to and wasn't heard.”

“Present beliefs.”

“Societal silence.”

“Items without a purpose.”

“Yearning for public attention.”

“Harbour deep suspicions of each other.”

“Poisonous rift.”

“Detritus of holidays past,”

“Justifiable fury.”

“Le cretin des Alpes,”

“Widely feted.”


“Feel targeted.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Most of my friends are drug dealers.”

“Want something other than what you have.”

“Adjust your perception.”

“How can you be shocked?”

“Emotionally destroyed.”

“Hold themself to a really low standard.”

“Vertically developed.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“School is not an enjoyable environment.”

“Didn't make him very popular.”

“Arrest plan.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“No-one's ever going to invite you to anything.”

“Threat sack.”

“Firing salmon eggs from both ends.”

“The pilot dresses like an alcholic.”

“Your parents must be so proud.”

“They're not.”

“Enraged by my very existence.”

“Oil burner!”

“Energy gel and oxygen.”

'Cold Blood' Quotes:

“Had a record, a long record.”

“Street thug.”

“Seemingly loving husband.”

“Less than thrilled.”

“All American pyschopath.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“Party of the slumber.”

“They really aren't smart are they?”

“Talk of the girl.”

'The Dark Corners Of The Night' Quotes:

“Los Angeles has quite the history of murder.”

“Hillside Strangeler, Night Stalker, Grim Sleeper.”

“Skid Row Slasher, Black Dahlia, Sirhan Sirhan. The kilelr OJ's been trying to find since 1994.”

“But even in this city, the Manson family stands out.”

“Never left custody again.”

“Intolerable detour.”

“I dress to run.”

“In every social interaction, these people are watching for criticism. Expecting it.”

“Pervasive mistrust of others and a profoundly cynical view of the world. These people tend to be cold, aloof, and distant. Argumentative. Few if any close friends. Guarded and secretive. Sarcastic. Hostile.”

“Capable of deep attachment.”

“Annihilation anxiety.”

“Horrendous dread.”

“Malignant paranoia.”

“Deadly adversary.”

'PRU' Quote:

“The Murphy twins are up on the roof again throwing eggs at passing cars.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Intriguing remnants.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Desperate pleas.”

“Jock culture.”

“Punky past.”

“Haunting her own life.”

“Combat shock.”

“Meditation on existence.”

“Teetering on the brink of silliness.”

“Rather haplass.”

“Fix the world.”

“Regardless of her needs.”

“Quietly preposterous.”

“Never been told on film before.”

“Beat them up in the streets.”

“Bitterly divided.”

“Glorified acts of heroism.”

“Taboo spectre.”

“Allegiances are sorely tested.”

“Not massively aggressive.”

“Political dispute over soup.”

On 'Hollyoaks': the aggressive and deliberately hostile Mercedes is gross as she tries to steal her stepdaughter's boyfriend whilst turning her father against her. Some rando blows up Verity's life. Ha. Go away Verity. Ollie is useless. Luke fakes like he cares about Ollie's continuing hell.

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