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Movie Reviews: Bruno V Tyson + Mara + School's Out Forever

Bruno v Tyson (2021)

This was an okay documentary about a legendary boxing rivalry. Boxing is a dreadful and crass sport. Terry Wogan is seen in old footage. Frank Bruno trained above The Royal Oak pub. Bruno had an unthreatening nature. Mike Tyson was seen as having malevolent intentions.

Bruno and Tyson are magnetic and interesting. Don King is seen in vintage footage. There are sour feelings and an undoing. Bruno did a HP ad and panto. People were conniving and scheming. Other people were brash, conceited, loud and braggy. This was grimy. Bruno had a damaged retina.

This was deadly serious. Tyson's prison stay is addressed by massive victim blaming and shaming. There are attempts at intelligent discourse. There was unrelenting total disregard for health. People faced devastating humiliation. There were bipoplar disorder sufferers and Bruno and Tyson reunited in person in 2020.

Best Lines:

“Fight everybody.”

“Sent to a borstal.”

“Discipline, focus and manners.”

“Something worth saving.”

“Arrested 38 times by the age of 13.”

“My lady's coming over.”

“Hard work and raw talent.”

“The end was inevitable."

“Sense of impending chaos all around him.”

“Deeply flawed personality.”

“Enjoyed the demise of Mike Tyson.”

“Deep public concern for his well-ebing.”

“Things could go horribly wrong.”

“Wrong side of 30.”

“Last shot he was ever going to get.”

“Firmly and finally.”

“Cultural icons.”

Mara (2018)


School's Out Forever (2021)

Based on an 'Afterblight' novel; a snotty teen boy is snotty. Anthony Head has a cameo. There is talk of a pandemic. There is a mention of the blood type arc from the books. This was a low budget account of a massive global pandemic. The yob hero Lee fawns over a nurse. There are petty people. No impossible choices. This was boring and totally different to the book.

Best Lines:

“Mr Billy Big Bollocks!”

“Swear by the god who left us a long time ago.”

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