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Murder Among The Mormons 1x01&1x02 + Elizabeth R 1x03 Reviewed 👼👑


Grim looking people discuss a distasteful case involving bombings in Salt Lake City in 1985. The Mormon Church was rocked. There is vintage footage. The opening credits are mmmm. Utah is very conservative. The Mormon Church was only founded 'recently'. There is ideological proclivity.

People have considered reputations and deeply held moral commitments. Rare book dealers talk. Mark Hofman had achievements in finding early Mormon documents. This was a weird ass case. Material damaging to the church was found in the documents. The discoveries prompted resentments and there was talk of a salamander. The documents struck deeply at Mormon belief. This was disquieting.

This case was a grim experience. The Mormon tradition of moral thought was questioned. Documents were hidden from the public and Mormon history was hidden. A man became withdrawn and disillusioned and there was ultimate despair. There was no moral certainty. People succumb to challenging doctrine.

Belief was under fire. People search for something positive to say. People found a letter troubling. There were negative emotions, anxiety and disappointment. People wanted a positive outcome. The letter was seen as detrimental to the Mormons. People did avoidance tactics.

There was a destructive pattern and this case was daunting. People are exuberantly optimistic. People can't suspend judgement. People were left desolate. Non-Mormons can't look at documents held by the church. People are rueful. Horrifying tragedy was to come. There was shock, horror and shame. People look back with hindsight. The documents prompted major and lasting friciton.

This was not whimsiscal. There were inevitable consequnces to the concerning and disturbing documents. There was disappointment and fraught emotional issues. There was a bombing and there were enticing hints and murder and ambiguity. This was not affecting. This was a dark tale of a cruel and brutal case. There was a grim discovery and this was disturbing and unsavoury secrets came out. This was not heart rending.

People were frantic and it was a grim world. Options were dwindling. The case quickly moves in a sinister direction. There were deaths and pure hideousness. Fairly unpleasant things happened in this shocking case. Unprepossessing looking old men in gray suits droned on. This was alluring. There was discouragement. There were murders and things get intense and there are bizarre cultural references. There were contrived and calculated actions and no reliability.

There was no empathy, stability or reliability. People were nonchalant. There were bad moments and regrets and the bombings damaged the reputation of the church. There was blood. It is not mentioned how this society was ruled by racist misogynists. There was triumph and despair. There was murder, intrigue and was the church perpatrating falsehoods? This was good.

Best Lines:

“Dark talk.”

“Treasure stories always have the same ending.”

“Set watch back 10 years.”

“Valiant mission.”

“Bring them forth to the world.”

“Divine mandate.”

“Treasure tales.”

“Challenges the Mormon Church's account of it's own origin.”

“Far different story of the church's earliest roots.”

“Earliest Mormon document.”

“Document business.”

“Titbits from the past.”

“Major figures of the Mormon church.”

“Top leaders of the Mormon church.”

“Church's 1st prophet.”

“Celestial pursuit.”

“Historical archives.”

“Potential of destorying someone's faith.”

“Made a huge reputation for himself.”

“An important man in early Mormonism.”

“Folk magic context.”

“Give me an accounting of our performance.”

“Not eager to re-tell its story.”

“Dealing in folk magic and treasure hunting.”

“Violence we associate with the Middle East or Northern Ireland.”

“Tab cans.”

“What in the hell type of business where you guys running?”

“Reason for todays madness?”

“Crazy document deal.”

“In extreme danger.”

“The kind of attention it doesn't want.”


There is bad hair and a man's public reputation plunged as low as his career heights once soared. The church was accused of hindering the investigation. Good reputations were destroyed. There was damage and devastating effects and disputes and casual contempt. There was ill founded logic and talks of forgery.

There was wanton violence and Hofman was declared untrustworthy and there is talk of cracked ink. People were extremely frustrated. Where are the women? This lacks sufficient purpose. There were churlish men and the case was the subject of a long debate. Men became indignant. People were firey and belligerent. Menacing looking men stare. People were erratic and incompetent. Things had the potential to go horribly wrong.

There were damaging implications and a volatile situation. There was callous disregard and the case is unresolved and things were numbingly chaotic. There were unhappy consequences and common responsibility and talk of money and more unhappy consequences.

Best Lines:

“An undesirable.”

“Only nerds care about.”

“Solider Of Fortune type of things.”

“Keep saying that he is.”

“Exercise in futility.”

“1st printed mateiral in colonial America.”

“Learned my Mormon there.”

“Took out my oil.”

“LDS garment.”

“Out to get document collectors.”

“Commanded him to live.”

“Motive is what we did not have.”

“Era of Joseph Smith.”

“Very, very hard to believe.”

“The bastard that did this.”

“Credibility standpoint.”

“False narrative.”

“Techie things.”

”Everyone's a suspect, until they aren't.”

“Authenticity tests.”

“Research historian.”

Shadow In The Sunday

The 1572 Huguenot massacre has occured, off screen. Elizabeth has elaborate hairdos that change colour. There is a cultural schism and perceived moral transgressions. There is maladroit fate and vicious and orchestrated offscreen violence. Ominious looking men lurk. Elizabeth unduly depends on Dudley. This was not delectable.

Mary Queen Of Scots is a prisoner, off screen. Dudley's woman makes malicious attempts to annoy Elizabeth. Dudley feels up her bodice. A black man is seen but he does not speak. Midgets prance. Catherine de Medici lurks. No one can pronounce Valois. Men and women have perms. There is flattery and puritans.

Furs that look like loo mats are worn as are ruffs. People revel in misery. Dudley is shockingly arrogant. Elizabeth wants to marry and then she does not. There are naked arses, a French duke and his charming servant, underhand men and deeper malaise festers. People can't pronounce Calais. Sussex (John Shrapnel) and Simier (James Laurenson) plot.

Best Lines:

“I want no husband.”

“Alert the coast.”

“Been conspired against myself.”

“Malice and hatred.”

“Alliance with a foreign queen.”

“Greatest crime since the crucifixion.”

“No massacre or talk of massacre here.”

“Very convincing appearance of anger and disgust.”


“I am the queen's to command in all things.”

“The start of a new massacre.”

“Fled so often.”

“Act intelligently for once.”

“Prancing about with minions.”

“Trifling tokens.”

“Messenger of love.”

“I wouldn't have him.”

“The whole country objects.”

“Demands he knows we can't meet.”


“I even wept.”

“I am up believe me.”

“You cringing cur!”

“Not listen to promises.”

“Offensively Spanish manner.”

“Cease wondering.”

“I don't like not knowing secrets.”

“Never shown himself very friendly.”

“Men were killed in the old days for carrying less awful messages.”

“Depend on your love.”

“No business of the preachers.”

“I mean to have him.”

“Cast down.”

“Woe unto them.”

“When he rises.”

“I do not defend him. I can't.”

“Learned commentary.”

“The begetting.”

“Inherit and continue.”

“Yours for the fighting for.”

“Gave us our religion.”

“Bond of blood.”

“Dare not show my discontent.”

“My virginity is no use to me or anyone else.”

“Denied myself everything for my country.”

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