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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Coming 2 America' promo


'Prodigal Son' 2x08 promo


'Thunder Force' trailer


Peppermint fondant dark chocolate – mmmmm.

Farmhouse cheddar & red onion flavoured crisps – tough.

Corn soup – too thick and sweet and the chicken tastes cheap.

Whiskey & almond nibs dark chocolate – mmmm.

I feel very let down by my ex. Does he have pain and regret? There is no joy, conviviality, love or friendship. I'm tired, sad and scared. Some people are appalling. I have mounting unhappiness. Does my ex have regret or reflection? He has complete disregard. I hate exclusionary people. I thought my ex was irrevocably committed. My ex shattered my dream. My silence conviences him.

Boo to abstinence and asceticism, yay to modest pleasures.

What does hardscape mean?

I want a gold silk shirt and golden cluster drip crystal earrings and a red ribbed knit cardigan. I want a rose facial serum.

I won't be reviewing 'The Drowning' yet.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Public drinking and anti-social behaviour.”

“Actions do not warrant an apology.”

“Finally getting competitive action.”

“Stalled for years.”

“Promised revolution.”

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“Make book there?”

“Out pubbing.”

“What do you think the press is going to do to him?”

'Sky News' Quote:

“She's from nowhere near Compton!”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quotes:

“Toxic positivity.”

“Semi-dead lawns.”

“Vanity sizing.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Conspiracy against him.”

“Plot to get rid of him.”

“No motive, intention, desire.”

“Some of which he will deny, of course.”

“More important things in life.”

“Kids aren't cheap.”

“Tried and tried to land a damaging blow.”

“How sour and damaged that relationship has now become.”

“Catastrophic relationship breakdown.”

“Dismissed claims of a plot against him.”

“I'm not accepting that happened.”

“Resignation would be expected.”

“Bitter dispute.”

“Serial motions of non-confidence.”

“Whole lot of backside covering.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“Felt unsafe being near him.”

“Hadn't accepted this as my end.”

“A split off.”

“Running out of men.”

“What this world is going to be like.”

“Opens the door to justice.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Doesn't accept that happened.”

“Dignity at work.”

“Heartily sick.”

“Not happy about any of this.”

“Ongoing narrative from him.”

“Bully two PAs out of the household.”

'The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin' Quotes:

“Sad deprived nation.”

“Firm and masterful.”

“Parked on their front lawn in the fog.”

“You'll wake the neighbours.”

“They are the neighbours.”


“Over anxious.”

“Let them eat bread!”

“I'm not a petty man!”

“Be masterful.”

“Do some more nothing.”

“Kiddies yelling. General ho-ha.”

“Tricky blighters visitors.”

“Tempus is fuging away.”

“For shame.”

“I done biggies!”

“Stop making a spectacle of us.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Especially noteworthy.”

“Absolutely repulsive.”

“Not always accord with the prevailing narrative.”

“Personal indignation.”

“Exclusion procedure.”

“Engineer the outcome he wanted.”

“Voicing non-specific concerns.”


“Outrage spotlight.”

“Frightful limitlessness.”

“Evolving cultural prefences.”

“Castigated by the revolutionaries.”

“My presence at the event gave it a credibility it did not deserve.”

“Should have been on more business, and not participating in these lower-class type things.”

“Shattered lazy American preconceptions.”

“Radical icon,”

“Bark mindlessly.”


“Hen's turds.”

“Initally hard to get overly excited about it.”

“Endless coverage at the time and in the years that followed.”

“Allows the poeple involved to tell their truth, the story as they choose to rememebr it.”

“Their stories were so wildly contradictory.”

“The things we tell ourselves in order to be able to live with ourselves.”

“My life is going to be so much more interesting if I do this.”

“Make ourselves believe it.”

“Not everyone regarded her presence at the fight of the century as appropriate behaviour.”

'Celebrity' Quotes:

“Farmers with turkey gobbler necks,”

“That new category of American celebrity-”

“Epochal season-”

“Soon-to-be notorious accusation:”

“Paycheck labor.”

“Dared ask for more.”

“Sorrowful land.”

“National purpose was unquestioned.”

“Atomic majesty.”

“Not enamored of the glories of great drama.”

“Preacher screamings.”

“Jesus book.”

“Unremembered lives-”

“Muscles gave social authority.”

“Before there was an America.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Ste wears chavvy tracksuits all the time. Ste is gross. Ollie got poor Sid killed. Ollie's a jerk who ignores the magnitude of the situation and is in the position of a pariah. Why is Maxine's mother opening a dance studio during a global pandemic? Ollie begs for ket and commits breaking and entering. Ollie doesn't have interest or motivation in stopping. This was hopelessly inadequate. Ollie is attention needing.

This has tainted Ollie's name in a way that could potentially be irreversible. Ollie faces vilification, threats and dire cirumstances. Luke disowns Ollie. Ste blames James for everything. Ste is a loser. Ste is hugely stupid. Ollie has a squalid attiude and is stricken. Ollie is told to sell drugs. Sylver ignores Cher for his bitch wife, again. Ste plots with the useless junkie Ollie. Scott's boring.

Best Lines:

“You made me sleep on the streets! You don't give a toss about any of this!”

“I'll end you like I ended Sid and I'll get away with it!”

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