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Book Review: Perfect Mistake

Perfect Mistake by Kate Brian

The 3rd in the 'Privilege' series is not delectably naughty but is instead wearily predictable. Ariana Osgood and Kaitlynn, 2 escaped mental patients who are seriously evil and materialistic, have conned their way into an exclusive boarding school, for reasons. Now Ariana had a climate of paranoia as her hard won new life proves deleterious.

There is so much ill feeling and absurdity that this is subpar, excruciating and irritating. There are contemptuous words and malicious intent. People are manipulative tormentors and never seem to do any school work. This was dreadful, superfluous and of little consequnce. There is mention of internet hookups. There is a school concierge?!?

Idiots live by their own narrative and are without compassion and are enthralled by their delusions. Psychopathic traits pass unnoticed and people have chaos within and believe their own narrative and believe what they wish.

Best Lines:

“Enemies were proliferating.”

“Were somehow deficient for not knowing this.”

“Lockless doors.”

“What Lissa had become.”

“Dateless is bad.”

“Babble about her imaginary unicorn friend.”

“Why does everything come back to murder with you?”

“It meant nothing now.”

“Logic wasn't a big motivating factor for the deranged.”

“Personal seamstress flown in from Norway?”

“Europe sucks!”

“I hate Europe!”

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