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Swamp Thing 1x10 Reviewed 🌿☘🌿🦦

Loose Ends

This was underlit as Abby tries to shag a plant. This was very green. The boring nut doctor nuts. Avery rants. Who are these people? So many plot threads are left hanging. Avery's wife is left raving in the nut ward. Avery runs out of friends. People mumble. This show started out so promisingly and turned pig thick. There is gunfire and random acts of violence. This was a confusing farce. There are brutal attiudes. Did Avery kill his side ho? There is bitter personal experience. Avery is petulant and arrogant. Is Matt dead? This was horrible. This was absurd, Swamp Thing doesn't want to be Alec. This was sheer nonsense.

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