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Bloodlands 1x02 + Swamp Thing 1x06-1x09 Reviewed

Bloodlands 1x02

This was incoherent. Lisa Dwan is in this. Things happen. Then comes the big reveal at the end. Okay then that is interesting and I did not see that coming.

The Price You Pay

The town shows its coldest face. I could care less. This was underlit. Abby yells. Matt revels in his evilness. People mumble at each other in this very green looking show. This was miserably inadequate and unfathomably hideously wrong.

Brilliant Disguise

This show does unrelenting provocation. Abby is a tool. Is the green flu still raging? The sheriff and Avery are awful people. Matt learns something. Maria plots. There are reveals. This show went down the crapper fast.

Long Walk Home

Will Avery die already?!? The green flu ended off screen. Adrienne Barbeau shows up as Abby's boss and calls her out on her crappy work ethic. Who or what is the conclave? Avery yaps at Swamp Thing. Something nefarious is afoot at the CDC. A malign shadow is cast. Abby mumbles and is incompetent.

The Anatomy Lesson
Swamp Thing is in peril. I don't care. Avery has Maria dragged off to the loony bin. Ha ha, I'm laughing. Swamp Thing learns he is a plant and not Alec, even a plant is smarter than Abby.

Images] Adrienne Barbeau Returns to the World of "Swamp Thing" in This  Week's New Episode! - Bloody Disgusting

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