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Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Ep 10 Review

Better Half

Agent Stahl returns to try to bring down the SOA by targeting thieir women and she starts by arresting Luanne. The SOA and their women do not like that. Cherry whose real name turns out to be Rita has to be helped to flee after Stahl threatens her with knowledge of her past. Cherry fled an abusive husband and now she has to flee Half-Sack whom she loves because she's afraid of jail. Stahl then threatens Donna (Sprague Grayden of 'Jericho') but Donna tells her where to go. So Stahl then tries her act on Tara. Meanwhile Opie has it out with Heather, Gemma tells Stahl where to go and Stahl taunts Otto, the husband of Luanne. Which was a mistake. The SOA have a blood enemy in Stahl now.

Best Lines:
"And now you're here at Saint Redneck's getting dirty with the bad boys, again."

"I burned down our condo."
"Nice touch."

"You're lucky Rita. Nobody died in the fire."
"Gave it my best shot."
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