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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Line Of Duty' series 6 promo


'Batwoman' 2x07 promo


'The Baker Street Boys' (1983) Theme

Aaaahhh, memories.

Sour swims – okay.

Smashed avocado – no.

Guacamole Doritos – no.

My ex = unbearably cruel. Talk about the limits of love, sufferance and forebearance. My ex = unaccountable. My ex does wilful and blatant disregard. My ex wilfully ignores me. My ex has no need, interest or desire for me. My ex cast me away.

I want 5 cameo drop earrings and an Aphrodite pendant in gold, carnelian and blue sapphires.

I'll review 'The Drowning'.

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“Back in jail for something.”

“Nobody got along with your brother.”

“Beer and it's byproducts.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Been reported incorrectly in the press.”

“The aristocracy has been behaving in those ways for generations.”

“We're all desperately alone.”

“Fitted in nowhere.”

“Bone-weary stoicism.”

“Endless cycle of bewilderment.”

“Furious defiance.”

“No redemptive, not here.”

“Unutterable bleakness.”

“The past is sealed.”

“I want no word of that.”

“Menace to work with.”

“Terrible, wonderful place.”

“Enigmatic malevolence.”

“Would have to be wrestled to the ground by his older brother to stop him from physically fighting her for accesss to the router.”

“Rejected any help his mother could muster for him,”

“Severity of the presentations.”

“Aggressive and violent to their parents.”

“Stopped investing in their real-life relationships.”

“Dark laugh.”

“Displaced so many other activities of family life.”

“Pouring his time and talent away.”


“Socially very intense.”

“Their lifestyle exposes them to new possibilities.”

“Rallying cry.”

“Past failures to act-”

“Pain and resilience.”

“Fighty tits.”


“Offers no apology for his views.”

“Very serious nature.”

“Terrible time,”

“Demanding the attention of everyone else in the room.”

“Considered body of work.”

“Grim days.”

“Decidely shifty.”


“They chose that.”

“Literary miscalculation.”

“Relatively unintelligent.”

“Stretch believability.”

“Snatch squad.”

“Revenge has been complete.”


“Unmoved by thier plights.”

“Growingly perceive that a rosy-tinted restrospect is being thrown over dark things.”

“Took on horrible significance.”

“Sinister euphemisms.”

“A backward look at events that are only partially understood.”

“Brattish chortlings.”

“Something to be manipulated, a prize to be won.”

“Putting up with all indignities.”

“Unfounded conclusions.”

“Suitably grim faced.”

“Paid the price reputationally.”

“Hoping to prompt liberals to overreact.”

“No wild enthusiasm.”

“Sinister agendas.”

“Never convincingly explained.”

“Plausible middle-class respectability.”

“Characteristically abusive.”

“Odious reasons.”

“Never like morality.”

“Subject to flattery.”

“Lower public trust ratings.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Unquestioningly accepting.”

“Pervasive glumness.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Trained in urban warfare.”

“The terrors of the past are surfacing.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“There will be consequences.”

“No consequence.”

“Intent on trouble and disorder.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Violent measures.”

“Murder team.”

“Worsened the impact.”

“Everyone's trouble is their own trouble.”

“Verify his source of funds.”

“Articulate gratitude.”

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