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The Marriage Game

The Spanish ambassador and his glittery outfit rants. Elizabeth must bend her needs and desires. There is exposition. There is no pulsing narrative energy. This was not wildly imagined. There is no atmospheric sense of period setting. There is phantasmagoria. This was not potent. Dudley is unaccountable. There is drift and change and social tensions.

Elizabeth is told she must marry and have an heir. Men ride horses as lutes warble. Sinister forces plot. Elizbaeth is well used to controversy. Where are her ladies? There is no dark, fairytale simplicity or meance. There are ramifications to her every move. Does Dudley have personal culpability? Dudley is not attractive and looks old and like an old man pervert. Elizabeth is self protective. Amye Dudley is one to pity. The Spanish try to out-villain each other. There are problems everywhere. Life is stifled. Dudley grows ever more sinister. There is an obsession with female virtue, religious morals and gormless men's opinions.

Amye Dudley is unloved and unwanted. Elizabeth needs willpower and courage. There is a Catherine Of Aragon mention. Elizabeth laugh signals mischief. Dudley's house is bare, pokey and cold looking. Amye Dudley tantrums and why did Dudley marry her? There is archery and this was not sublime stuff.

Mary Stuart becomes Queen of France. She's played by some blowsly looking woman with a bad perm. There is no rational understanding. Amye has distress and terror. People dislike Dudley, who has a sister who wears a Jackie Kennedy hat. Elizabeth has an unhappy past. There are dreadful misygonists and appalling men. Norfolk is seen. Lady Mary Sidney plots. Archduke Charles may visit. There is sneering and Amye is sick.

Mary Stuart lurks and plots. One isn't genuinely interested. Amye Dudley dies – was it suicide, accident or murder? No one knows then or now. There is bad acting and Amye had raw despair. There are disgruntled attiudes and this was resoundingly average. People spout banalities and this was sluggish. This was not achingly earnest. Elizabeth orders Dudley away from her. Dudley is too old for the impish irascibility he tries for. This was teeth grindingly irritating.

Amye was masterfully fragile. People are discontented. This was underwhelming. There is pain and anguish. There are no rushes on the floors and few candles. This was bland and uninspiring. Elizabeth has a boat trip and then gets smallpox. Elizabeth tantrums and this was not good. A Lady In Waiting is infected. Dudley is pernicious and has negative perceptions.

Mary Stuart is widowed and marries Lord Darnley all offscreen. Puffling pants are worn. Dudley flirts with the daughter of Elizabeth's cousin. The infected Lady In Waiting is scarred. Elizabeth mentions her mother but not by name. Various no names like Stacey Tendeter, Caroline Harris, Robert Hardy and Vivian Pickles featured.

Best Lines:

“Cannot ride fast enough or bow low enough.”

“Faithful daughter of the church.”

“This is a black day for us.”

“I think she will, I think she must.”

“A monarch for use.”

“Wear you hard.”

“I can bring you no more flowers.”

“No nobility to inherit there. Only treachery and ambition.”

“Many rich gifts.”

“Displease nobody.”

“That is the only must.”

“Calls out to the common people like a dairymaid.”

“Every day she sits more firmly on her throne.”

“Justice has been debased as often as the coinage.”

“Always somebody waiting to step into my place.”

“Noise and stink of London.”

“Add my puff to the others.”

“I wish you joy of the task.”

“He never loved her.”

“The whole of Europe is wrong!!!”

“Say again and mean it.”

“He knows how to listen.”

“All your people.”

“Claims the thrones of France, Scotland and England.”

“Throw the French out of Scotland.”

“Thank god he is married.”

“Ready to protect her.”

“Even from Ireland.”

“Lights candles in her private chapel.”

“One day someone will plunge a dagger in your heart.”

“Sick fancy.”

“Always lying in a dark room.”

“Take pleasure in his company.”

“Forces a ruler upon us.”

“Why that grave look?”

“You lying knave!”

“Absolute necessity.”

“We're safe.”

“For the moment.”

“I never play before men.”

“What will come of it all god knows.”

“Go away from me!”

“Rumour! Rumour!”

“Deliver her from her desperation.”

“Pure mischance.”

“Good name will be gone forever.”

“Traitors for 3 generations.”

“In time everything I have will be her's.”

“You are a traitor! And so are all who wish you well!”

“I gave you what you have!”

“She was always kind to me.”

“An axe fell very close to our own heads.”

“Owe my life to no man's goodwill.”

“The Queen of England is going to marry her horsekeeper! And he has killed his wife to make room for her!”

The Mother

Rita is an alcholic and junkie. Annie's crime was a big story? How then did she become a nurse? There are no wise decisions. Annie was shaped by the people she loved. This show is hugely boring. Rita has a wall of crazy. Dr H is listless.

Chance lies to Rita. There is incoherence. Rita is reunited with Joy. This is unimpressive. This has earnestness. Joy finds out what a nutter Annie is. Rita wants her baby back. Joy could care less. Joy is so stupid and attacks Rita. Joy is thick as mince. Is Rita dead?

Best Lines:

“Could never make it right, no forgiving it.”

“One minute you're thick as thieves, the next – your enemy.”

“You think it's cheap staying sane around here?”

“A whole lot wrong with me and very little right.”

“You need to go far away where no-one can find you.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“How far can we get?”

“Her version of the truth.”

“The past, that's done.”

The Ship

Sisko and a Vorta named Kilana face off over a crashed Jem'Hadar ship. There is a secret on the ship. There is death and anger. I liked this. We learn more about the Dominion. The VFX have dated badly.


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