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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume Fourteen Reviewed

This is the end of an era and the beginning of all-new all different one. WTF are the psycho rangers? Drakkon's back and he's looking rough. Drakkon's back and raving. He's infamous for his brutality and being a vicious depraved savage. Matt lurks. A putty Rita lurks. Jason bores and he and his gang encounter a new threat. WTF is the Omega Strike? WTF is the psycho dagger? Billy lied and stole and plotted with Grace.

There are terrorzords. WTF? WTF is the Empyreal? The Omegas pose and get beat down. There are incoherent fights. The new Green Ranger attacks. Mmmmmm.

Best Lines:

“Is that like...Tommy's dad?”

“What this is...it's totally not good.”

“We could get evil jobs.”

“What evil jobs could we possibly get?”


“Escape is not an option.”

“Drakkon was never meant to be a part of this reality.”

“Drakkon remains one of the msot dangerous individuals in all of creation......so what is so terrifying that would make him run for his life?”

“Homicidal copy of me from another dimension.”

“Psychoslug...the Terror Snail!”

“Manical mucus...”

“Someone vicious, devious and devoid of empathy.”

“And if they fail, who holds them accountable?”

“This went bad real fast.”

“I've been on the wrong side of his decisions one too many times.”

“We have wiped out entire civilizations and destoryed gods.”

“How does something that powerful go undetected for so long?”

“Run, little humans, run!”

“I have a few rules. And if you break them, you will pay for it.”

“Redemption. How predictable.”

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