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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Smother' promo


'Clarice' 1x04 promo


'Wrong Turn' promo

“They don't come back.”

'Riverdale' 5x07 promo


'The Real World: Homecoming' promo


Spicy cheese fries – claggy.

My ex has a lack of civility, respect, listening and cherishing. He's wilfully doing this. There has been catastrophic loss in my life and my ex has no respect, empathy or accountability. My ex felt no moral dilemma about giving up his ethics and integrity. So many memories and associations. My ex made a misjudgement. My ex wrote me off and turned away. I thought he absolutely adored me. My ex stopped caring and I thought he was unconditionally devoted. My alleged romantic partner was a jerk.

I'd try herb roasted potatoes.

Hitchcock's 'The Lady Vanishes' was not good.

'Call My Agent!' does nothing for me.

'Legends Of Tomorrow' Quote:

“Time travelling psychos.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Simple living men.”

“Rural country man.”

“Unfolding tragedy.”

“Amjor negative impact.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Fatality rate.”

“Pushed to extinction.”

“Squatter and commune scene,”

“Inward travel.”

“No obvious anxiety.”

“Public opinion changed dramatically.”

“Frustrate my schemes.”

“So bleak, so unappealing.”

“Deep drugs culture.”

“Low-level melancholy.”

“Challenging behaviours, those behaviours are gorwing so it's becoming much more dramatic and difficult.”

“Increase in challening behaviour.”

“Moral worth.”

“Negative depictions.”

“Hard work rewarded.”

“He was a snapchat star, back in the day.”

“All those David Attenborough boxsets that I bought when Blu-Ray was going to be the next big thing.”

“Older, crueller.”

“We must learn to recognise him, and more importantly what made him. What makes all of them.”

“Liking a person isn't enough.”

“They think I'd have chickens and hens, and a horse and cart. They picture a farm like it was in the 1950s.”

“The relationship becomes defined by their experiences.”

“A will and a want.”

“Faithful companion.”

“Pronouncement from on high.”

“Danger attendant.”

“Complicity of the audience in the worst excesses of mass popular culture.”

“Personality-driven confessional columnists.”

“Airheads living off freebies.”

“Performative monasticism that seeks purity in denial.”

“Entire culture based around alchol.”

“Ethical hierarchy.”

“Moral hierarchy.”

“Use and manipulation of a person's story.”

“Forgotten as an absolute pursuit.”

“Baffling obsession.”

“To see if Adrian Dunbar would again say “I didn't float down the Lagan in a bubble” on Line Of Duty.”

“Held captive by old enemies.”

“Condemned for their callousness.”

“No exit from that.”

“What responsibility it had for the past.”

“What would fellows in their 60s be arguing over?”

“Who lays down the law from what is watched on TV to what is consumed at the dinner table.”

'Disappeared' Quote:

“Feared men in America.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“How many next years do I have left?”

“Terrible but better!”

“Ralph Wiggum feels sorry for me. Further still do I fall.”

“Lost my will to berate.”

“Like a Gollum with worse hair.”

“Dainty bottom.”

“It's a form of attention.”

'If I Disappear' Quotes:

“They don't want to care.”

“She belives every fact is a lie spawned by the government to target her specifically.”

“Those people hate us. They've always hated us.”

“Actually seemed annoyed that I wanted to talk to them.”

“He doesn't ask why I was hiding behind a bush.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Everyone has had enough.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Engage in violent conduct.”

“Problems caused.”

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Quotes:

“You let them see our ship.”

“They are coming our way.”

“Any other potential enemy.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“They provoked people.”

“Burst of rage.”

“Cultural impact.”

“Ignore local warnings to stick to the path.”

“Antler wearing isolationists.”

“Hillbilly remake.”

“A future as uncertain.”

“Lobby boy.”

'Red Dwarf' Quotes:

“Famously insane.”

“Inherited lunacy.”

“Unbelievable git.”

“Bleak lonely hopeless emptiness.”

“Notoriously unpopular.”

“Stress related shock.”

“Hand scrub the gussets of your longjohns.”

“Don't Nixon me man.”

“Agreed conversation.”

“Idiotic despot.”

“Amoral self-serving scum.”

“Threat warning.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Geroge is self-aggranising and one has psychopathic hatred of JP who is snobbish and given to pontificating and complaints. There is no quiet domestic terrorism. There is a private reality. Sally sees that George isn't so doting, loving and dutiful. George is controlling, coercive and threatening. This was not fascinating or touching. George is not obliging or a good man, neither is the dispiriting JP.

George is not devoted. What does JP see in him? JP made past mistakes which are coming back to haunt him. George comes across as normal. JP is irritating and egocentric and George is controlling and emotionally and physically abusive. This has perpertrator centred coverage and it is not searing.

George is a Jekyll who Hydes in plain sight. This was not enjoyable or authentic. The relationship is about what George wants and needs and what JP is doing right or wrong. Does George even like the whiny JP? Is George excited by the idea of a future together? Where is JP's son when his dad was in the clink? Does George enjoy JP or just tormenting him? The enraging JP isn't valued or respected, but he doesn't value or respect anyone.

JP whines about perceived injustice. JP is petty, vindictive and mean. He set aside and othered James and now he's designated as an abuser by George. Their realtionship has fragility. This is implausible. There is misery, misfortune and bad narrative chocies. JP is immature with an inexplicable devotion to George. There is no remarkable inventiveness. One is disgusted by and brimming with contempt for JP. George makes unconscionable demands. JP is fearful of his disapproval. Soon JP will be catatonic with misery. George wilfully deceives and manufactures goodness. His controlling nature is obvious. There is no social civility. George carps. There are remembered grievances and bitterness. George presents a nice front.

Sally sees through George's false self. Ste screams at Sid. Ste is a pretty miserable git. There is no delicious potential. JP acts borderline deranged and adversarial for increasingly stupid reasons. Peri doesn't bring up how JP banged her grandfather. JP's prison record from 2014 is brought up. This was grim as anything. This was glum and convoluted. JP's not drenched in despair. JP's head interview is cancelled. As if JP could get a head job interview with his record.

Why didn't call James to get him out of the clink? JP isn't delightful. George exerts control. JP screams at Peri and blames her for his lost job. Sally warns JP about George. There are worrying times ahead. George wears his silly nose bandage. George smirks. What salon is JP screaming about? You don't have any sympathy for JP. George smacks JP but obviously misses by two feet or more.

Best Lines:

“The more I do for you, the more you push me away.”

“You don't deserve me.”

“Anger easily.”

“Both end up regretting. Again.”

“You lost the moment you raised your voice at me.”

“Wouldn't be the first time you've struck out.”

“I will thank you later PC Kiss.”

“Why are you taking this tone with me?”

“Let her imagination run wild in the pauses?”

“Set my career back 5 years in the space of a couple of hours!”

“Get out the way.”

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