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Dirty Money: The Maple Syrup Heist+Riverdale 5x06+The Blacklist 8x04 Reviewed 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

Dirty Money: The Maple Syrup Heist

The Federation of maple syrup producers are accused of acting like the mafia. No really. There are maple heists in Quebec. There are global strategic reserves of maple syrup?!? Maple syrup is pricey and syrup is stolen and what is '16x9'? There is talk of a maple syrup black market. This was done with dead seriousness and there are figures of mockery.

There are no beloved figures, apart from when we see mounties. This was not unrelenting brilliance. There is deep concern and notoriety. Maple syrup rebels are revered by some. A disaffected population talks big talk. Events played out in the shadow of maple syrup. There are court fights and an insular and exclusive industry. This was not a punchline. This case was never ordinary and there is adversity. There are escapades.

Maple syrup was the centre of the story for all the wrong reasons. This has seriousness and maple syrup was an ever-divisive subject. There were irreparable rifts and divisions. The Federation was cosseted. There were disastrous consequences. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“It's an insult in Canada to serve fake maple syrup on the table.”


“The maple wars.”

“The Saudi of maple syrup. The Federation is essentially stable.”

“Enforced quota.”

“Maple syrup conferences.”

“Maple syrup dude.”

“Sugar shack in the bush.”

“Remove any fight they have in them.”

“What you gave to your wife as alimoney.”

“They said I plotted, but I never plotted.”

“Controlled economy.”

“Everybody's angry.”

“La mafia du sirop frappe.”

Chapter Eighty-Two: Back To School

A song from 'Grease 2' plays as the gang head off to teach. Covid is not mentioned. The gang are back at Riverdale to teach. Veronica teaches economics in a crop top. Archie teaches ROTC. Archie and Jughead have a chequered relationship. Betty teaches shop. Hiram eats Doritos and Veronica worked with diamonds? She plans turn a video store into a shop.

This was increidbly tiresome. Archie and Betty screw and are vociferously awful. This was unnecessary guff. There are extremely shameful acts. The gang endured far too much too young. Archie and Betty take puerile delight in being gross. This was demented. Riverdale High is set on fire. Archie is a buffon. Riverdale has had a precipitous fall from grace. This was vile nonsence. There are specious allegations.

There is malfeasance and this was risible. People do not like realisaitons. This is an unhinged fantasy. Veronica's unloved hubby shows up. Why did she marry him if she hates him? Cheryl's broke and bitchy. This was beyond ludicrous. Archie needs $20,000 for a football team. Archie's hair is silly. There is talk of mothmen. There have been vertiginous changes in Riverdale.

Hiram and Reggie plan enemy action. Veronica's unloved hubby tries for patrician benevolence. He is the subject of derision. He's meddling and this has no aesthetic values. There is a cultural power play. This was frivolous. There is no societal evolution. This was not emotionally risky. What's jingle jangle? Betty's hostile and Toni brings back the Vixens cheerleaders. Cheryl and Hiram have a spy in the school.

There are adverse impacts. This show has long been slipping into decline. There is still no covid mention. Why does Cheryl act like she's 12? Why is she obsessed with the Vixens? Veronica hates her hubby and leaves him. This maddens. Archie's house is set on fire with him and Jughead inside.

Best Lines:

“The town will grow back around it like a weed.”

“Attract truckers.”

“Night jogging.”

“Reggie! You scumbag!”

“Now I'm angry.”

“Tad sleazy at the moment.”

“I just interviewed a guy who wants to abducted by mothmen aliens.”

“Hooking up with truckers.”

“Sketchy truck stop.”


“Great personal coast.”

“Begone and never darken the doors of Thornhill again!”

Elizabeth Keen

The downfall of Reddington is plotted. Tom is seen in flashback. Why are the FBI looking for Keen on Red's say so? Ressler is not dead. Red is a Russian spy? I'm confused. Agnes is seen. Keen ditches Agnes and then she doesn't. There is a goat. Why is there a goat? How did Keen steal $41 million of Red's ill gotten gains? Did Ressler and Keen boff? Red goes on about allegations no-one believes. This was not believable or enjoyable.

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