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Movie Reviews: Late Night + People In The Sun + Suspicion + Margot 👎👎👎🩰👎👎👎

Late Night (2019)

A tv host with low ratings and a diversity hire with no experience. Mindy Kaling and John Lithgow and the terminally twee Emma Thompson star. The tv host has an all male writers room. The tv host is the 1st female late night talk show host and she's too content with the status quo. This is not immensely entertaining. The host is accused of hating other women. The new hire faces sexism as the host faces the axe. There is no authentic vulnerability.

The host is enragedly accused of being boring and the show is called 'Tonight' – how original. The host faces declining ratings. This is a dire situation and the host has a doomed way of life and intractable problems. The host has never been celebrated as the warmest of women. This was not delightful. People are un-conciliatory. The new hire faces racism and people rage at the dying of the old media light. This was not entirely convincing.

This was antiquated. This film has already faded from popular culture. There is uncalled for unfriendlessness. The new hire is naive and desperate. This was damning. The snooty writers have a complete lack of accountability. This was not fit for purpose. The tv show is a closed, defensive minded organisation built around the needs of decades ago and struggling to cope with the disparate and complex challenges it faces.

The show is overhauled. This was not a societal achievement. The workplace is a dreadful place. There are ludicrous situations. The tv host does an interview that goes badly. The tv host wilfully ignores logic and she's trite, condescending and ill informed. She's openly, publicly disparaged and humiliated.

This was not harrowing. There is no legal reprisal. There is no appropriate sensitivity by self-deluded people who are self serving tools. There is mistreatment and a lack of understanding, compassion and grace. There are ugly displays of petulance. This was an abject failure full of profound and almost pathological refusal to listen. What this does is essentially nothing. This was inertia.

Simply and starkly, this is pretty dire. There is no moral duty just arrogance. The host faces entirely justified criticism. People are cautious of change and people bond over their mutual liberal outlook. There are derogatory natures and societal writing. There are negative coping mechanisms and hopelessness and helplessness and victimisation. This was fairly horrendous and superficial. There are no wonderful moments and this was of limited benefit. The host, Katherine and the new hire, Molly, bond. Hugh Dancy is in this somwhere.

Best Lines:

“I only wish she'd been an Avenger instead of writing books about Abraham Lincoln.”

“They washed a sheepdog together.”

“Is Martin Shaw dead?”

“I'm in hell.”

“He sends his love? How sick do people think I am?”

“Majored in name dropping.”

“My child's like a drug problem?”

“You're fired. Obviously.”

“This show sucks and it has for years.”

“Boring old broads.”

“Charm is wearing off.”

“You won't even try to appeal to a mainsteam audience.”

“The show hasn't been good for years.”

“I thought you knew and didn't care.”

“Person sitting on a trashcan.”

“The show is bad and I don't know why.”

“Nepotism hire.”

“Were you close?”

“With my father?”

“Went viral in a bad way!”

“I've been told I have no charisma.”

“One of the greats.”

“You're not dead yet, but they don't want you to come in.”

“Be useful.”

“Funny is funny.”

“White male and from an elite college right, because that's all your writing staff is composed of.”

“Refers to the writers by number.”

“I take no pleasure in this.”

“T-shirt of a man.”

“Frat boy persona.”

“I stand for excellence without compromise.”

“They found that corpse there.”

“Somalian f**king warlords have more job stability!”

“You want an Oscar? Fight a bear!”

People In The Sun (2011)

A Norwegian film about the end of the world. This was subtitled and no.

Suspicion (1941)

Nigel Bruce, Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine star in this Hitchcock film. Is Cary Grant a gold digging murderer? Sadly no to the latter. Fontaine is a whiny idiot. This was not good at all.

Best Line:

“Not very wifey.”

Margot (2009)

A drama about Margot Fonteyn. This was dull and everyone is beastly to her.

Best Lines:

“A beast to dance.”

“Everyone's always wonderful to you.”


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