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Book Review: Blood And Money

Blood And Money: A True story Of Murder, Passion, And Power by Thomas Thompson

This 1976 true crime novel tells of the mysterious and never explained death of heiress, socialite and famous horsewoman Joan Robinson Hill. Her father, Ash, viciously pursued her widower John Hill as the murderer. Then John died violently and more legal shennigans involving thieves, whores, drugs, scumbags, ignored racism, ignored sexism, dated attiudes and a rich man with impunity unfolded.

John had been Joan's 3rd husband. After her death John married twice more very very quickly. John was never the husband he always ought to have been. This was sad. A woman in court is described as wearing a naughty skirt and her account of John trying to murder her is shrugged off. Another woman in court testifies how her mother allowed her to be abused and is dismissed as a prostitute by people.

Joan never got justice and her death caused serious repercussions and wildly irresponsible speculation. This was full of dark souls and the case unfolded over years in horrific ways. Did John kill Joan? Well, he only got her a tombstone a week before his trial for her murder began – so one says yes. This was a good account of deaths for whom no one took responsibility. Nobody had a value system.

Best Lines:

“Fatally left his apartment via his window.”

“Failed to furnish the deceased with said food,”

“Potential for scandal.”

“An inexorable end to this drama, one forewritten.”

“No longer cared very much.”

“Removed from the possibility of rational thought.”

“Rightful place in society.”

“Born to sit attentively in drawing rooms,”

“Gross inattention.”

“Of sinister origin.”


“Not very content.”

“Not worthy of belief.”

“Am intensely loyal to anything I own.”

“Street rumour.”

“Trick name.”

“Despairing circumstance.”

“The constriction of what society dictated was a normal life,”

“Penitentiary offence.”

“Ominious prospect.”

“Family she had so eagerly abandoned.”

“Glowered in the corner.”

“Come to relish being pointed out in a crowd.”

“Preacher words.”

“Of them, Marcia had nothing further to say.”

“Not to wear emotions for public view, or for the servants in the house.”

“Oath of the soul.”

“Venomous condemnation.”

“A militant woman's libber.”

“Gun-slinging menace.”

“He has no claim on my life any more.”

“The way people who had roles in this case kept dying.”

“Particularly damning.”

“Bitter recollection.”

“Worrisome men of dubious repute.”

“For Post Office Street in Galveston was to prostitution what New York's Bowery is to bums.”


“Fled from those trying to hurt her.”

“Snide allusions to rental property?”

“Widow lady.”

“The word “vice” bore too notorious a connection.”

“Terrible hate.”

“I don't think she has much future.”

“Why did she use her maiden name when she was sworn in? How many of your women jurors still use your maiden names?”

“It did his case no harm to turn a kind phrase in memory of the vicitm. It was time someone in this town did.”

“Designing the annihilation of John Hill.”

“Some depraved ski mask bandit...”

“Malicious information.”

“The murky waters of the Joan Robinson Hill case and its tempestuous aftermath.”

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