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Book Review: Go Go Power Rangers Volume Eight

Tommy's without purpose, thug Jason plots and lies to all his 'friends' and Rita is punsihed for her crimes. Ninjor is mentioned and what are the uncharted regions? Zedd beats up Goldar and don't they ever go to school? Nobody is calm or rational. Tommy has disillusionment and resentment and is in the doldrums.

Jason is exasperating. TPTB make the show's seeming absurdity work. Jason dwells on the increasing irrelevance of what he's dedicated his life to, or something. If Zordon couldn't fix the Dragon Coin, how did Grace? Matt lurks. I hate him, Grace and Jason. We get a flashback to evil Tommy. This was good. Saba shows up and Tommy gets the white ranger powers.

Best Lines:
“Endings can be complicated.”

“Do you want me to help you assemble your secret spy team or not?”

“Your request could have drastic consequences.”

“What is done cannot be undone..”

“You loathsome cowering simpleston...”

“This is really weird.”

“I had my chance, and we both saw how that ended.”

“I once witnessed a star being born from a speck of dust.”

“Gifted with loyal compansions.”

“I have seen civilizations rise, only to fall and rise again...”

“Freed me from that. From doubt, compromise and indecision.”

“Willingly or not, you served the forces of evil once before...who is to say you won't again:”

“Someone who is the best of us.”

“Power brats.”

“His favorite ranger,”

“Could you be any more melodramatic about this all?”

“Looks like I'm gonna need a whole new wardrope.”

“Apologies for the theatrics,”

“This remade universe is not as it was.”

“I imagine all that kicking and flipping can work up quite the appetite.”

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