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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Murder In Texas' (1981) trailer

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross star in this true story of a rich woman, her dodgy husband and a slutty mistress turned second wife. Farrah Fawcett plays the murder victim, there are petri dishes and a loyal maid.

Best Lines:

“I like being kissed.”

“What's wrong?”


“Nothing's changed. Nothing's gonna change.”

“We're talking money doctor! My money!”

'Debris' trailer

The debris from an alien ship crash lands on Earth. I'm interested.

'Batwoman' 2x06 promo


'Young Rock' promo

Ha ha ha ha ha.

My ex has silence and indifference. He shattered my regard in him. My ex has no coniviviality. He left me with unsettling ease. My ex has done significant damage. He crossed a moral boundary and has long forgotten me.

I'd try salted caramels with pine and chocolate truffles with actual truffles.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Caught stealing emergency contraceptive from Target.”

“Trauma source.”

'Crime Scene' Quotes:

“Deserve a better space than what we've created for them.”

“Important before she died.”

“There is no why.”

“Professional depressed person.”

“Amazing, beautiful things in my life.”

“Yearning for joy.”

“What could have been, but didn't happen.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Tabloid property.”

“Have the best guidance.”

“Moments where you diverge in a relationship.”

“Squirted the paparazzi with urine from a water pistol.”

“Be accused of whingeing.”

“Morally dubious historical figures.”

“Uncovered the abyss.”


“Goes from nought to shrill in a near nanosecond.”

“Troublesome upstart who speaks her mind.”

“Spiralling sense of panic...complaints silenced with a injection of pacifying drugs.”

“Morose stoicism.”

“Showed what France and Britian could expect if they surrendered.”

“Hideous repetitiveness.”

“Under the influence of wicked boyfriends.”

“Immense wealth and its dubious origins.”

“Remarkably forgiving.”

“Fierce directionality.”

“Grimly familiar.”

“Moral or intellectual failings.”

“Whom he considers dim.”

“Latent ire.”

“Staggering decision.”

“Cope with awful things.”

“Sinister truck drivers.”

“Ludicrously improbable.”

“The 2000s are vintage now.”

“Deep mortification.”

“Beneath their solidarity.”

“Searing invective.”

“Won public respect.”


“Intensely dislikeable.”

“Terrible scourge on humanity.”

“Talking quite dismissively.”

“Pandemic vaccine.”

“Can't expect great behaivour from them.”

“Trend avoidance.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Local youths.”

“Worsened dramatically recently.”

“Congregating youths.”

'The Sunay Business Post' Quotes:

“Existential bad luck.”

“Dealing with resentments toward others.”

“Stubbornness and rage were her superpowers.”

“How-empty house.”

“Causal attiude to murder and violence.”

“Reflected little credit on him.”

“Nothing quite as bizarre as what is yet to come.”

“Baronial pile.”

“Moving into the realm of the ludicrous.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:


“Throw stuff at cowering producers.”

“Routinely shouted at.”

“Threaten a very public lawsuit.”

“Such bullying was routinely ignored.”

“Infuriate others.”

“Expressed grave doubts.”

“Detrimental impact.”

“Daunting situation.”

“Resentment is a potent force.”

“Put in fear.”

“Treated horrifically.”

“Urgency of the case.”

“Things could have escalated.”

“No one would credibly engage in the process again.”

“Resentment and despair.”

“Cruel and unfair.”

“Farcical fantasy.”

“Left in turmoil.”


“Permanently closed.”

“Politically Exposed Person.”

“Not been given a response or an update that could be called adequate.”


“Obsessive energy.”

“Ominiously complicit.”

“Shaming rituals.”

“Fiend of hell.”

“Object of scorn.”

“No plans to recieve them.”

I am reading 'Blood And Money' – it's from 1976 and who is Radames? The author describes a photo of a child and says she saucily crossed her legs: WTF? I mean WTF was that? There is uncommented on casual racism, casual mention of slave owning, casual drink driving, casual homophobia, casual anti-semitism and yet this account of the sad death of Joan Robinson Hill is good.

Best Lines:

“Her world was their shadow.”

“Get a job, any job.”

“Seemed sad, of little promise.”

“Liberal Democrats, to his thinking, were as dangerous as a snake in a swimming pool.”

“Not the eyes of a man content with his lot.”

“The creatures that had walked therein.”

“Martyrish aura.”

“Reality was not her constant companion.”

“Dangerous man with salacious intention.”

“Of the old tradition where wealthy young women could bring their horses and keep them at a campus stable.”

“Bulldozers had waiting lists.”


“Estranged from her compansionship.”

“A mind tormented by memories.”

“Collected grievances against him.”

“Slammed his Stetson on his head,”

“This being illegal, even in Houston.”

Blood and Money by Thomas Thompson

#MacyVaughnEdit from westwingwolf's den

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