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Bloodlands (2021) 1x01 Reviewed

A 4 part BBC1 drama. There are accents, a cop and his daughter. A car is recovered from water. There is talk of Goliath – a mythical hitman from the past. There is exposition. The cop's wife disappeared and is presumed murdered by Goliath. There are 'Derry Girls' cast members in this. This tries to be super serious but is unintentionally hilarious.

Best Lines:

“Unsavoury at best.”

“Is your husband the type of men to keep secrets?”

“Last person to use it is long since dead.”

“Version of events that everyone chose to accept.”

“A priest?”

“And an IRA arms dealer.”

“Known only inside the police.”

“Smells like you're a 50 a day man.”

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