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Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel 1x03&1x04 Reviewed

Down The Rabbit Hole

People were meticulous and obsessive about this case. Web sleuths were pleading for justice, according to them. The darkest valley of tragedy is unapologetically adored by said web sleuths. There is nastiness in this exhaustingly puerile ep. There were damaging real world consequnces to the web sleuths actions. This show is absurd and horrible.

There is overheated rhetoric and ghouls visited the hotel. People were especially passionate about the Lam case and ignited controversies. This was a debacle and the web sleuths were not well intentioned. There was malice and the web sleuths had a destructive influence. This was awful stuff and there was crisis and challenge and tensions and ridiculous concern.

There was a bitter air. Did people look away from Lam when she needed help? There was endless gossip and ruthless mockery and people did not seem to understand the seriousness of the case. This was not masterful or riveting or searching. This was a horrendously stressful time. Web sleuths had self-assuredness and they were not good for the case. The scale of attention the Lam case received was not good for the case. This was not extremely raw or intense.

Web sleuths have a lot to answer for. There is talk of the 'Dark Water' movie. Wretched people had raucous chatter and societal bias. There was a TB outbreak among the homeless. This was dreadful. Nutters made much of how a TB test was named the Lam-Elisa TB test. There were gregarious conspiracy theories. This was not deeply unsettling or highly entertaining. This was unashamedly theatrical and knowing eyes lurked. There are dementedly yapping nutters. One had low expectations for this. This was not fulfilling and a man called Morbid was targeted by the nutters. There was no civic engagement.

Best Lines:

“Door hold button.”

“So very tired.”

“Hotel with a notorious past.”

“How can this all be a coincidence?”

The Hard Truth

Morbid, the unlikely target of accusations speaks out. There was claims of persistent mysteries and what people are inclined to believe is bizarre. Morbid was made a public enemy. This was frustrating and made of existential dread and inherent suspicion. Morbid was inherently transgressive and web sleuths obsessed over the autopsy report. Morbid was demonised and damaging and oppressive ideas flew. Was Lam off her medication?

There were damaging and oppressive claims made by people lacking in empathy. There was moral deviancy and mental health issues were ignored. This was bad and bonkers and an unsettling portrait is painted. There is a damning commentary on culpability. Lam's death was ruled accidental. Preconceived notions hung on. This was not suprisingly moving. This was tawdry and it had no gravity and was slightly cynical.

This was atrocious and desperately unappealing and staggeringly inept. This was pretty underwhelming and extremely limited and meandering. Morbid is interviewed. This was not electrifying. This was terse. The web sleuths community makes its own rules and rituals. There was a bleak existence and this was not compelling. Morbid's Facebook and email account were terminated due to trolls. This was excruciating.

Nobody ever apologissed to Morbid or anyone else. This was full of crazy stuff and raving. There was a devastating loss. Lam had a history of delusions and going off her medication. There was old fashioned cruelty. People were under attack from a legion of detractors. The web sleuths see themselves as the righteous under attack from a legion of detractors and they are the righteous yelling at enemies. There is no coiled wit and people were demeaned. There was inexhaustible preposterous. This was not wrenching or unflinching.

The tormentors feel justification n continuing their trolling. Why didn't anyone at the hotel help Lam when she became maniac? There was insidiousness, divisivness, doomism, special scorn, casualties and morally indefensible people. Nobody apologises, not one person. This was a calamity and people seem obsessed by Lam. Web sleuths lecture people about their issue of choice and are prone to hypocrisy.

People were inconvienced. This was ill judged. People fall into the outrage trap and this was frustrating and not nuanced. There was no social responsibiliy. This was not an absolute joy and people were judged unfavourably. This was bleak and full of moralising persecutors. There was a lack of profound moral choices and no escalating tnesion.

Best Lines:

“Fill dates.”


“Some singer in Mexico.”

“Be like everyone else.”

“Hatch was open.”

“If I had called 911, would anyone have come?”

“Conspiracy minded.”

“Step in there, bad things happen.”

“High class individuals.”

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