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Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (2018)

The ongoing and deliberate humilation of Robin is bullying. The Teen Titans feel left out of the superhero craze. There is a fart joke. Their attempts to get their own movie is marred by their moronic behaviour. Mockery shouldn't be the norm and shouldn't be expected from a normal functioning society. The Teen Titans decide they need an arch nemesis. There is bantz and this was ridiculous.

Deathstroke shows up. People point out that Deathstroke and Deadpool look alike. This was not continually amazing and there are no optimal circumstances. People are damning in their disgust of the Teen Titans. The Teen Titans look for ways to rectify this. Is Slade an opportune bad guy? Nobody is self-reflexive. There is no recognition for the Teen Titans. They want to challenge the accepted narrative that they are a joke. The Teen Titans strive for recognition. The attention they get doesn't seem to be entirely positive.

People are not shy about expressing their contempt for the Teen Titans. Thier reputation could not have sunk much lower. Things get increasingly frantic. Batman has no fealty to Robin. Nobody is sympathetic and nobody has moral character. There is singing and Robin endures chicanery. Power Dynamics are tilted against the Teen Titans and their ironical bewilderment. Robin is plagued by insecurity and wants to define his legacy. The unwavering contempt and abuse of Robin is icky.

There is a Stan Lee joke. People are stupid and ignorant. Nobody else is willing to make the abuse of Robin stop. There is taunting and this was riddled with so many inconsistencies. This wasn't absolutely brilliant. This was rife with contradictions. The Teen Titans time travel to stop the rise of superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, the TMNT, Aquaman and Batman. There is relentless hatred of the Teen Titans.

There is a persistent stream of abuse. There are no adequate responses. There is relentless hatred and the Teen Titans are targeted relentlessly. This was ill-judged. There is justification. There is continuing frustration for the abuse people give the Teen Ttians. There are no tangible results and derogatory things are said.

This was erroneous and untactful and fractious. This has no valid purpose and there is relentless persecution of the Teen Titans, which is particularly disgraceful. The Teen titans end up in a very, very, very bad situation. The Teen Titans are seen as worthless. There is no nuanced understatement and Slade is purely malign.

There is a lack of conviciton and this was dreary, cynical and full of obfuscation. This was banal, anodyne, meaningless. This had limitations and there was a nice cameo.

Best Lines:

“That's a different superhero universe!”

“I am the insulted!”

“Putting fools up in the hospital!”

“Always been my dream to have my own movie.”


“Has there been a movie about you?”

“So many and more to come.”

“There was a Green Lantern movie but we, we don't talk about that.”

“That is the obscure.”

“Nothing waits for us here but madness! Madness!”

“What is the point of all this?”

“You guys are a joke, everyone knows this!”

“Alfred: The Movie.”

“They did the car before you.”

“We have the each other.”

“Awful dance reality tv shows.”

“Yawn Of Justice.”

“Sweet kung fu moves.”

“The destiny awaits.”

“Were the amazing.”

“My mommy's name is Martha too!”

“He's just a sidekick.”

“The corn of popping.”

“That's not how having an arch nemesis works.”

“No movies, only suffering.”

“Destined to do this forever.”

“Cool and ominious catchphrase.”

“Lying tricks.”

“Save me from Gene Hackman's real estate scheme!”

“So the fancy.”

“Annoy me to death.”

“I am the sorry.”

“Born from a tragic, life-changing event.”

“Isn't rad enough!”

“That's not good at all.”

“You are the horrible parents!”

“Thank you for taking me to the movies in this dangerous neighbourhood.”

“Without heroes the world has become a horrific wasteland.”

“Super bad dudes with super scary names!”

“That are fun to say in the dramatic way!”

“Get a crazed launatic to devote himself to taking you down.”

“His name is really fun to say dramatically.”

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