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Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel 1x02+Behind Her Eyes (2021) 1x01&1x06+ 2 others 😇👼

Secrets Of The Cecil

There is talk of the web sleuths community. There is no insightful discussion. This seems objectively wrong ignominy. There is talk of digital footprints and people treated the case as if it were a rollicking exploit and did ceaseless pursuit of it.

Lazy assumptions were made and people show their capacity for ugliness and pious cant. Lam is treated as a fascinating subject. This ep is often quite objectionable. The Lam family wanted nothing to do with this. Lam was bipolar. This is not seriously analysing the motives and methods of those obsessed with the case. There are allegations of sinister designs and this was not reflective. Web sleuths had ludicrous intensity.

This was deeply peculiar contrivance. The web sleuths felt like they knew her, they didn't. People wonder about drugs and talk about Lam's behaviour and the elevator video. People talk about a shoe and this was a grim story about a scary part of LA. People tried to make LA hip. There was open creepiness and brashly nasty people having non-rational reactions. There was inherent instability and miserable outcomes. This was uneven and the Cecil had 80 deaths in 10 years?!?

The toxicity of some attiudes is apparent. There is dubious defence of gleeful speculation. There was abdication of responsibility. There were hypocritcal nefarious types. This was anodyne and full of empty sympathy. The Night Stalker stayed at the Cecil and paid $14 a night for his room. There is vintage news footage of how negatively people were affected by him. Nobody at the Cecil noticed.

People with ill intentions lurked. There are talk of horrors and dark truths and ominious forces. People are incensed and incredulous and horrible decisions were made. There is uncertainty about truth and perverse concepts. People failed utterly to do the right thing. There is obsession over the time stamp on the Lam elevator video. Lam was in a StayOnMain which had cool branding but was just part of the Cecil Hotel rebranded. The elevator video had immense power. There were seemingly inexplicable events.

The elevator video was very strange. Fantastical and absurd claims were made. People claim the elevator video was not genuine at all. There was strong attention paid to it. People became obnoxious. There were instincts and real consequences to these paranoid fantasies. There was ambiguity and denial of video editing. Truth was elusive. This was ignoble tedium. The Cecil had issues with its water and stupid and outrageous claims were made. Lam was in the Cecil's water tank system. People used and drank that water. There were 4 water tanks on the roof, how did she get into 1?!?

There was more bad decision making and nobody argues convingly. The web sleuths frequently stated objective was to solve this case. They use delirious tones as they lament.

Best Lines:



“Complain about her behaviour.”

“Purposely stalled that elevator.”

“Unseen person.”

“Co-founder of the Elisa Lam discussion group on Facebook.”

“Going through some stuff.”

“Creepy ass video.”

“Girl in the pearls and earring.”

“Anyone, any place.”

“Held by an angry crowd.”

“So many shady residents there.”

“Bad things just kept happening.”

“Always had a dark persona.”

“Suffered from a bad reputation.”

“How did you escape that?”

“15 storeys without a 13th floor.”

“People liked the concept.”

“Vertical toilet.”

“Doesn't mean it's safe.”

“Gave me a sense of purpose.”

“Completely bugging out.”

“Disgusting there.”

“Affordable cool place to stay.”

“Wondering if it was even true.”

“Disgusted and upset.”

“Something bad had happened.”

“Mob scene.”

“100 people on the roof.”

“Miliseconds are not moving properly.”

“53 seconds just completely disappear.”

“Missing minute.”

“Edited to remove someone.”

“Got worse from that point on.”

“Possible clog.”

“Sad and also grisly.”

“How could somebody be in a watertank for 19 days?”

“Hotbed for death.”

Chance Encounters

This crap based on a crap book. There is staring by Adele (palyed by Bono's untalented daughter). Louise has no concept of office wear and she shags some married guy. Adele who is the married guy's wife takes pills and Bono's daughter can't act. She makes the cast of 'Hollyoaks' look talented. This was not gritty or even adequate. The married guy, David, turns out to be Louise's boss. This was pretty miserable.

Behind Her Eyes

Louise does disastrous meddling. This show has a bad title card. The mad wife Adele's secrets are revealed. This was painful to watch due to the untalented acting. Bono's daughter can't act. Adele earns disapproval via her mad act. Nobody has personal charm and people come to bad ends due to stupidity. Bono's daughter is wooden and Adele has a long and dark history.

This was not dramatic or sad. There is butt waggling and this was unintentionally funny. This was not stark or difficult. David looks like a deranged hobo and nothing happens. There is no potential and no hypervigilance or energy. Adele does insistent agitating and there are incessant bad hair flashbacks. The twist was more than unconvincing.

There is an unattended wedding and an inconceivably stupid ending. Louise's child is ignored. Lives are shattered. Death is shrugged off. There is a prevalent atmosphere of emotional paralysis, passivity and connivance. Irreparable damage and dreadful consequences ensue from selfish acts. This had so many deficiencies and was trivial. There are no nasty suprises. This had no intention. Bono's daughter accent slips. This does not amuse fate. This was a psychic ordeal.

Best Lines:

“Horrified yes but not suprised.”

“If someone wants in, they can always find a way.”

“Something very wrong with her.”

“Can't face the consequences.”

Angel (1999-2004) 5x12

You're Welcome

Joss Whedon is man of many qualities and they're not great. This ep can be viewed in a all new light now Charisma Carpenter has exposed his abusive ass. Spike the thing that ate 2 shows is in this. Whedon's creepy Amy Acker obsession is as ever non commented on. Eve and Harmony are boring idiots with obvious eating disorders. Lindsey lurks like a bad smell. Doyle is recalled. There was abuse on Whedon's sets and some chose not to see it. This was tiresome. The acting is bad.

The Blacklist 8x03

16 Ounces

Keen's mother dies and so she turns on Red. Has Keen ditched her daughter again? Yep. Keen legs it. This show is totally different from 1x01. What is the Archive? Why does Keen keep getting away with her crap? Is Red sick? He's talking about his will to some randos. There is not a shred of quality or logic in this show anymore. Keen steals military grade explosives from the FBI. The FBI runs in terror from Keen. Ressler throws a chair and Keen's bomb out a window – did he kill anyone outside?!? This was silly. Keen is the bad guy now?!??!?

Best Lines:

“Last lie you ever told.”

“I'm thinking.”

“About what?”

“Looking the other way, like we've always done.”

“What kind of spiritual advisor carries a gun in a hospital?”

“Dragged into the grave with him.”

“You want to murder Reddington?”

“I already tried to murder him.”

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