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Movie Review: Room 205 + Frygtelig Lykkelig 👎👎

Room 205 (2007)

A Danish horror that is subtitled. This does not take a weird and terrifying turn. A girl ends up in a desolate place. This was not raw or unnerving. This has no ferocious power and is not deliciously weird. This was not a fascinating subject. This was an ill-discplined mess and the girl's father has creepy coercion. This was slightly useless with no high stakes tension. This was deeply disappointing. The father is fundamentally repulsive. This was very horrible.

Frygtelig Lykkelig (2008)

A cop ends up in a small Danish town and encounters odd local happenings in this subtitled film. This was supposedly true. It was self-consciously kooky. There is a cat and this was not rather fascinating.

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