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'Batwoman' 2x05 promo

“Can't keep working for your approval.”

'The Equalizer' 1x03 promo


'Zack Snyder's Justice League' trailer

WTF is with Jared Leto's face????

'Dirty Money' season 2 trailer

“Above all laws.”

'Dirty Money' season 1 trailer

“Much darker and more vast.”

'News Of The World' promo

“Difficult times, bad times.”

Gluten free chocolate cherry brownie – moist.

I'll review 'Blood & Money'.

I'd try Himalayan salt soap.

WTF is sound healing?

What's a marquise cake? What are potatoes with fenugreek? Or beef dhansak?

It's 12 years since 'Dollhouse' ended.

My ex has an ever-diminishing absence and he's not inadverently dismissive. He's doing it on purpose. My ex has intransigence and he had empty reassurances. My ex had hidden malice. I've been given no apology and I'm largely forgotten. My ex = belligerent contarian. My ex = unashamed. I always thought my ex incredibly pleased to see me.

I'll watch 'Elizabeth R'.

RIP The Happy Pear.

What are smoked almonds?

'Elizabeth & Mary' Quote:

“Emblematically aggressive embroidery.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Potential threats on the street.”

“Neither abject nor servile.”

“Given up trying to be liked.”

“Trained vocally and physically for Shakespeare.”

“Mistakenly aligned.”

“Rioted against.”

“Hic and click.”

“We already live in a country we fear.”

“In whose little couch-bound life only a tyrannical father and an ardent poet-lover contribute hindering the real writer, her husband."

“One irreversible decision.”

“Wildly unpopular.”

“Objectives were subject to constant media questioning and investigation.”

“Power on a level without precedent in human history.”

“Sense of a ghost never exorcised.”

“Boredom has become the defining factor in our lives.”

“Looking at the outside of houses filled with other bored people.”

“Bored and irritated.”

“Guy just sitting there, not doing a whole lot.”

“Everything is on you.”

“Ongoing ambition for the area.”

“Fantasies of rescue and transformation.”

“Unable to find husbands, bristling with anger and resentment.”

“Walked into a bar like that, he would instantly know what bar he was in.”

“Only the exceptional endures.”

“Bawling and screaming.”

“Crisis meeting.”

“Discourse has altered.”

“No hint of aggression.”

“The medium's possibilities.”

“Responded in this emotional way.”

“Riot-inducing masterpiece.”

“Collapsing of the distinction between noble and ignoble.”

“Withdraw and cut off contacts with others in their community.”

“Threatened with physical harm.”

“Intensity of the intimidation.”

“Exacerbating the sense of isolation.”

“That amount of tragedy.”

“Dignity of an income.”

“Fought without mercy.”

“Exercise his malice.”

“Civil participation.”

“Shrouded in suspicion and myth.”


“Serious affront.”

“Persistent non-engagement.”

“Stating plaintively.”

“Venous access.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Had to share a pair of shoes with his sister until the age of seven.”

“Some works will no doubt disappear from the repertorie.”

“Pay wars.”

“Civilisation had taken root and failed,”

'Girls' Quotes:


“Not pleasant to be around.”

'Unsolved Mysteries' Quote:

“Who he was chasing out.”

'South Park' Quotes:

“I am disgusted!”

“I have been forsaken!”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Bourbon. Neat. In a dirty glass.”

“There are songs about drinking?”

“Elminate all sorrow.”

“Hello nature! Time to meet your death.”

“We should exchange insurance information. I have none.”

'The Lake Erie Murders' Quote:

“An unforgettable year, just for all the wrong reasons.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“Awfully non-compassionate.”

“Squandered away.”

'Mary, Queen Of Scots And The Murder Of Lord Darnley' Quotes:


“Horrible dread hath overwhelmed me.”


'Sex, Lies And Murder' Quote:

“All that time later.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Political vengeance.”

“Ecstasy fulled threesome. Really.”

“Tells no-one.”

“That really is the plot.”

“What's the achievement here?”

“Lets the beard and sunglasses do the talking.”

“Suddenly start waving axes.”

“If you want to watch Nic Cage attack a giant gorilla with a toilet plunger and then beat it to death on the side of a urinal.”

'An Irish Woman In Czarist Russia' Quotes:

“Harboured a lifelong resentment.”

“No fortune or the propsect of one.”

“Aristocrats living off of the land, supported by an impoverished, uneducated peasantry.”

“The revolutions they were about to live through.”

“Used to making demands and having them met.”

“Done nothing in line with the wishes and advice of your husband.”

“This behaviour provoked mockery in the town. This relationship has attracted enemies.”

“Social drug.”

“Do something mad and provocative.”

“The torment of my life.”

“A father should always be respected in the family, and that his role should create respect and obedience.”

“Who after spending her dowry would throw her out of the door.”

“Shelter the children of emigres of the deposed European royal families.”

“Anger, like hatred, makes you lose reason.”

'Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated' Quotes:

“Going 60 miles an hour covered in 4 year old's chilli cheese fries.”

“You know how I got over it?”

“You cut the brakelines on his car?”

'Red Dwarf' Quotes:

“I try to be liked, god knows I try.”

“A boy and his bush kanagroo.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Two more goes at guessing his password before his hard drive self-combusts.”

“Much shorter, much bloodier film.”

“In 1983, when life was simple,”

“Life rich in leisure.”


“Would have been the sovereign of a vast Chinese empire had it not been overthrown in the 13th century.”

“Very important that you do not let us down,”

“That was my job, that is the one thing they asked of me, that was my value.”

“Bore his shame.”

“Seemingly vacuous lives and eye-popping consumption.”

“Cultural intrigue.”

“Therapised, liberal life in LA.”

“Couture queen.”

“Shops for diamonds as though they are sweets, throws dinner parties as through they are tests of allegiance and sounds lonely-”

“She trusts few people.”

“Build his own legacy.”

“Huge amount of distrust.”

“Bais-cut red dress they put female soap characters in to make them seem a bit whorey.”

“An arcade claw machine that picked out Gucci presents.”

“Coercion and mistreatment.”

“Mistaken a dead end for an escape route.”

“Stirs hostility.”

“Destined to draw popular derison.”

“Forced fun.”

“Justly reverenced.”

“Byword for catastrophe.”

“Everything she did was interpreted as evidence of madness,”

“Communal conformist thinking.”

“Unrealistic expectations.”

“Fearful and tense compliance.”

“Feverish enthusiasm.”

“The poo apocalypse.”

“Dosen't want to go anywhere near anybody,”

“Would always come back, but only when she felt like it.”

“Gesture eating.”

“Grazing pigs.”

“Disregard their own faeces,”

“Browned cow.”

“A new person to hate.”

“Dwindling fame.”

'Business Post Irish Tatler' Quotes:

“Highly compliant behaviour.”

“Everything had changed.”

“Remain suspicious of him.”

“Sexual hinderance.”

“Inability to cope with things.”

“Orthodoxy of opinion.”

“So isolated and alone.”

“Dark and extreme.”

“Hijacked the language of collective hope and aspiration.”

“Reflect what was most degraded and abject about our time,”

“Attempted to win hearts and minds.”

“Had to imagine anything more stupid or crass than launching a red sports car into perpetual solar orbit, sullying the vast inhuman emptiness of the cosmos with the shimmering trash of consumerism.”

“Seriously analysing the motives and methods of those behind establishing a presence on Mars.”

“Strange and revealing choice of terminology,”

“The prospect of building a human civilisation on Mars had a deeper motivation than that of ensuring the survival of the species. It was a fantasy of retrieving the idea of the future from the past,”


“Socially enforced celibacy and perpetual solitude.”

'Killer In Question' Quotes:

“Psycho as hell.”

“Trust for nobody.”

“Quit talking to me.”

“Happiness was taken.”

“Degenerate liar.”

On 'Hollyoaks': who's the creepy beardy guy lurking like a sex offender? Selfish Mandy whines when her deliberate decision to lie has consequences. Cindy wears a tiny tartan mini. TPTB are completely incompetent. There is meaningless blather and this is numbing drudgery. Mandy has cravenness. This is shocking banality. Why is Mercedes in a cantakerous rage? Why are the pub and eatery open in a global pandemic? Sylver wears no sleeves in feb! Why is Sylver fawning over Mercedes like a dog in fox crap? Tony asks Diane to marry him again, again only for Diane to reveal that Tony's mad dad is the father of her unborn bastard child.

Best Lines:

“She threw his leg in the river!”

“I do not do short and curlys from the urinals!”


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