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Dirty Money: Drug Short + Dirty Money: Payday +It's A Sin 1x04 + Zen (2011) 1x01 Reviewed

Dirty Money (2016-?): Drug Short

Wall Street is a place of extremes. A commotion started over the drug company Valeant which was a house of cards. Valeant caused fear, anxiety and deep sadness by predatory drug pricing which is still going on. Things get absolutely worse. Sick people have trepidation and the Valeant elite have no fear they would ever be caught or face repercussions.

Customers were alarmed and concerned. Valeant increased drug prices. People wonder how wealth is generated and how is it shared. Valeant did negative acts that were efficient, organised and relentless. There was a sytematic undoing. A woman had to pay $200 per tablet. Vital drugs go up and up in price due to greed and avarice. Drugs that used to be $1 a tablet are now costing thousands. There was catastrophic mismanagement and deep denialism and existential implications.

There was concerted, endless, heedless consupmption. The Valeant lot glamourised a model of capitalism and a culture of infinite disposability. Unpleasant truths are revealed. Effete elites wreck the livelihoods and health of honest to god American workers. The elite are impervious to reality. Elites had open contmept or mockery for their own customers. There was doom and panic and a desperate battle. A big scene was made about it. There was stress and frustration.

There was a world full of madness and fraud. This ep maintains engagrment and names were taken from a Stephen King novel. Martin Shkreli an argumentitive and surly git became the poster boy for this case. His morals were disengaged. There was no enthusiasm from anyone to do anything. Martin Shkreli had ebullience and energy in his own crapulence and contentment in himself. There was no responsibility by anyone. Hilary Clinton got involved and ranted about a case where a drug went up 5000% from $13:50 a pill.

The company was compared to Enron and the company imploded. Insufferably perky US tv hosts are seen. Drugs were wantonly expensive. People were and are miserable. Nothing changed and nobody has terrible shame. This was okay and people deserved more harsh judgment.

Best Lines:

“Most hated man in America.”

“No rules to stop him.”

“Smirk fest.”

“Lived up to his bad reputation.”

“Wasn't answering well.”

“A lot of people who don't like me.”

“Getting all of Wall Street's admiraiton.”

“Next level intelligent person.”

“Corporate jet that's in flight non stop from New York to China.”

“Failed to do basic research.”

“Insulated from the cost.”

“They want $20,000!”

“Targeted for layoff.”

“Talking heads that came on scene.”

“Power lunch on drugs.”

“Very hard living lifestyle.”

“Band of skeptics.”

“Predatory pricing.”

“Cultural comparisons.”

“Doing god's work.”

“Only one who could save them.”

“Market was dismissing the sceptics concern.”

“Foot fungus cream.”

“War of public perception.”

“Whole thing was ugly.”

“Dirty drunk attack.”

“Only built to accquire.”

“$80,000 worth of it in our refrigerator.”

Dirty Money: Payday

An okay tale of a scammer. There are forseeable consequences to predatory lending and a scammer is unmasked for what he was.

Best Lines:

“Not going to tolerate.”

“Tactical shotguns.”

“Destruction of somebody's life”

“That was unexplained to me.”

“On their last dollar.”

“A federal life sentence is a death sentence.”

“I wasn't involved in any of these things.”

It's A Sin 1x04

The famous HIV ad featuring John Hurt intoning: “Don't die of ignorance” airs. Ritchie's parents prefer to watch Michael Barrymore. It is 1988 and Ritchie is recklessly dangerous and did malicious damage to others. Ritchie's psychotically selfish, which is not called out by anyone. Roscoe grins and Princess Diana is mentioned. People make scenes at a funeral. There is a prevailing gloomy narrative. Ritchie finds it absolutely imperative to be a selfish jerk.

Jill plans to buy the Pink Palace for £42,000. Ritchie lies and ignores the worrying truth. Stephen Fry orates. Ritchie is dismissive of AIDS. Roscoe becomes Fry's kept man. Ritchie drinks his own piss and battery acid and ignores pleas to take a test. He ignores the awful truth that he has HIV. Ritchie whines about missing out on decadence. Ritchie leaves Jill to do the dishes. Clause 28 is whined about. Ash and co whine about profound implicaitons. Ritchie thinks he's self assured. Ritchie could spread HIV, not that he cares.

Ritchie is a selfish monster. Despite what TPTB and reviewers claim, Ritchie is not charming. Ritchie sppears in 'Doctor Who' and Daleks are fought. Ritchie has HIV and ignores his sister. Ritchie is selfish beyond words and he acts creepy and weird toward an old school crush and is ungrateful, unthankful and detestable. There is fake crying and Jill and co go on a protest march. Roscoe is thankless and Fry is closeted. Bisexuals don't exist according to TPTB. Roscoe is gross. The protestors hold up taffic and shout about a big pharma conspiracy theory 😯😕☹😖😟😲😦😧🤯😠😷.

Jill's dad lurks. Chords blare because Ritchie showed up to the protest march. The fact Jill got punched in the face dosen't matter. Ritchie attacks someone. Ritchie despite bleeding still lies about his HIV status. Oh piss off. And the protestors being beaten up never happened.

Best Lines:

“My mother's watching this!”

“End up as this problem.”

“Leave him out like he doens't exist.”

“You banned him.”

“Can't you leave us alone?”

“Dirty people!”

“No legal standing whatsoever.”

“I'm the one doing everything wrong.”

“Don't get yourself in trouble.”

“You could be nanny tonight.”

“Just there to be visible.”

“Rough as hell.”

“Not according to the schoolbooks they don't.”

“That's her law.”

“What have you done now?”

“I'll never be anything.”

“All his life, all he ever did was behave!”

“It's going to be all about you now.”


English people play Italians. A detective has scrupulous integrity, allegedly. Rufus Sewell stars alongside Stanley Townsend and Ben Miles. This was cancelled because the BBC said there were enough male detectives on tv, yes really. A man avenges his wrongful conviction for murder by murdering multiple people. There are ghastly traps. There is mumbling and Zen harassing an abuse victim. An 'Italian' has an Irish accent. This was hokey.

Best Line:

“Heading for career oblivion.”

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