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Movie Review: Red Dot + Alit Flyter 👎👎

Red Dot (2021)

This is a Swedish song. A couple go on a ski trip to a remote area. An idea that has lasting consequences. There is racism and a crazy creepy person lurks, there is a sniper and this was a bitter disappointment. The hubby yells rebukingly and they let things happen to them and can't make a positive choice. Who drags his pregnant wife into the snow? Politely demure from watching this. They don't establish a rapport. There is no increasing sense of alarm or awe.

There is no acclaim or shock. This was not grotesque, horrifying, repellent or gorgeous or extraordinarily bleak. There are no ominious moves. This was absurd and not normal. This was not disturbing. There is no intrinsic motivation or energy. This was shallow and there is no crazed excitment. This was not fascianting or ruthlessly exacting. The husband whines. This was not unflagging. There are cut off from society. There is weird bad behaviour.

This was baffling with a dumb twist. What sort of idiot kid runs into a road? The couple have a secret and people are anguished and left disconsolate.

Best Line:

“I would also want to kill us if I were you.”

Alit Flyter (2008)

Sweden's only all male syncronized swim team are formed in this woefully incompetent comedy. A middle aged man assembles other middle aged men in lyrca to splash in a pool. This was subtitled. The middle aged man is a jackass father with no job who alienates his family and he does not care about his daughter, at all.

The father is deliberetly incompetent and he's frustrating. This was vile as the father is obscence. The father is pernicious, self-pitying, frustrating and irritating. This was a debacle. The swimmers call themselves The Swans. There are debasing fools and this makes precious little impact. The father is a loser.

The loser tries to control the narrative. Even the mother is irritating. One is baffled by this. There are no dominant talents. It is increasingly difficult to dare. People dressed like Aquaman are seen at the swimming championships. The loser causes disappointment. There is no great enthusiasm for this. The father is an antagonising jerk. This was not a delight or anticipation just a trudge. This was a creative sapping disaster. Nuance can often be lost. This was not sincere.

Best Lines:

“It used to be called formation swimming.”

“Do you know these fools?”

“Was that job so damn important that you paid to get rid of me?”

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