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Stargate Universe Ep 10 Review


When a member of the crew is found dead, Colonel Young becomes a murder suspect. Spencer, the guy with anger management issues is found shot in the head. The gun is found in Young's quarters. Wray uses this as an excuse to take over. Rush stirs the pot. Young broods. Chloe defends Young at a hearing. Chloe? Chloe?! Chloe??? It's an obvious frame up.

Anyway Franklin is found sitting in the Ancient chair, his mind gone. Did he sit in it of his own free will or was he pushed? Wray continues to be nasty. The Destiny stops at a planet where a crashed ship is found. Young and Rush investigate. Whereupon it turns out Spencer killed himself, Rush found the body and framed Young because he wanted him out of the way. Young beats Rush up and strands him on the planet. He tells everyone else that Rush is dead, only Eli seems to know what Young (and Rush) have done. Young and Rush are both loons.

This was okay. What about the attack on Telford? Is that not been investigated? Who does the crashed ship belong to? Is Rush ever getting back to Destiny? What will be the fallout for this for Young and Eli?
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