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Deliver Us (2019) 1x01 + Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel (2021) 1x01 Reviewed 👎👎

Deliver Us (2019) 1x01

This is an 8 part Danish drama. In a small town, an amoral young man has caused grevious harm and not been punished by the system. However a group of people in the village have had enough and take matters into their own hands. Partying teens in silly hats party. A drunk teen wanders with his bike in the middle of the road. Why doesn't he get out of the road when he sees a truck coming? The idiot is run over. 18 months pass.

People are professional pessimists in perpetuity. The dead idiot has a faded memorial. Peter and Martin are brothers who mumbled. Martin is the dead teen's father. Where is the mother? Martin's house has 1970s interior design. The dead idiot teen was called Aksel. Peter blathers about Ida. People have secrets. Another boy of uncertain age named Kasper comes home from a nut house. Kasper has a toxic friend named Mike.

Kasper has visions of chickens. There is no unbearable suspence and foreboding. Mike is the local lout and he ran over Aksel. Martin thinks Mike murdered Aksel. Mike claims it was accidental. Mike is somehow let away with everything he does. Mike commits unlawful entry, abuse, gropeing and is the town bully.

Mike gets away with everything. Mia the dead Aksel's girlfriend looks like Anna Taylor-Joy. Everyone lurks in a bar that seems to have no concept of lighting. Kasper is scared of Mike. Did Kasper lie about what Mike did? Peter's brother Martin hits on Mia and shags her in a car. Oh ick. The barmaid has a scar and wants a baby. Kasper's dad is a racist who feuds with his boss. There is an unhygenic looking chicken factory.

Peter ignores poor Mia and discards her. The perv Peter wants money. People talk of Kroner. Aren't they in the Euro? Peter bothers Kasper. Martin lurks by a ruined swimming pool. Kasper reveals he and Mike engaged in animal abuse. Poor chickens. Kasper and Mike need locking up. Peter wants Martin's house sold so he can get money. Peter is scum. Martin whips out a rifle to shoot a deer. He's a lunatic. There is no gun safety.

The baby wanting woman has a husband who won't let her touch him. He's the bar owner and his name is Tom. Mike refuses to be banned from Tom's bar. Nobody will help Tom toss Mike out. Mike has foul friends. The local fat cop won't do anything to help and says to mollify Mike to keep the town safe. So much lichen in town. Mike is scum.

Tom's passive, useless and wife neglecting. The wife is called Bibi and she wants a baby and she is sick of Tom's crap. Tom pisses off and leaves Mike to molest and terrorise his wife. Why is Tom such a wet rag? There is cruelty and injustice and licentiousness. A gold car is seen. Someone spraypaints a horrific accusation on Tom's house. Nobody comments on it. Is it true?

Peter demands his share of Martin's house. Peter is man trash and harasses a female jogger who is Kasper's mother. People wear ugly Scandi jumpers and cardis. The fat cop Viktor ignores the wilfully bad Mike. Is Mike driving the same truck he killed Aksel with? Kasper looks special needs. Mike punches Kasper's dad. Cue a brawl. Kasper stands idly by. Mike thinks he's Phil Mitchell. The Iraqi boss punches Mike in the face. Kapser's dad is thankless.

How old are Mike and Kasper? There is a weird festival. What is wrong with Tom? There is angry drinking. Martin shoots his dog and heads off with his rifle hidden badly under his coat. Martin does a drunken rant. This is like 'Eastenders'. This is silly and dumb. Peter is a doctor. People ignore Peter's public breakdown.

Mike smirks and this was not an extremely dramatic narrative. Everyone knows Mike's a loon. A plan is formed. This was not a dark drama. This was not gloriously vital or phenomenal. Mike is repulsive but not compelling. Martin had an unimaginable loss. This wasn't very fulfilling. This was perfunctory and so very bad. This ep spectacularly collapses. Will Mike ever face the consequences of his choices?

There were terrible confrontations and no hope or reconciliation or morbid fasciantion, just chilling evidence of lascivious, contrived encounters.

Best Lines:

“You disgusting lad.”

“You need clothes.”

“Almost the only singles left in town.”

“It's my childhood home too.”

“Great to get away from those nutters, ins't it?”

“He's not going back to the mental ward.”

“The dog stinks.”

“A town you hate.”

“The police will call it an accident again.”

“Ida with the big tits.”

“I'm here now.”

“Whatever you say.”

“I don't care what people say, I loved your book.”

“You and the life not lived.”

“Psycho's kid.”

“Be gone when I get back.”

“Better place without him.”

“A civilised society would have killed him.”

“He doesn't deserve to live. He ruined my life. He's a psychopath.”

“Yes, we all know that.”

“I've seen him with Kapser. That will end badly too.”

“Why is everyone afraid of me?”

Lost In Lost Angeles

This is a gratuitious documentary about an infamous seedy hotel located in Skid Row where the infamous Elisa Lam case took place. She vanished in 2013 but was not the first casualty of the hotel. Cops were always at the hotel. The hotel has a profoundly negative impact on those who stay there. The hotel had $85 a night rooms and a notorious past. The hotel has perilous conditons and this was rambling.

'American Horror Story: Hotel' was based on the Hotel Cecil. This was ill-judged and the hotel was dirty. People had hellish experiences in the hotel which had dubious practices. This was ill-conceived and ineffective. The hotel opened in 1924. This and it are appalling. There are no meaningful consequence to this. The hotel was basically a flophouse.

There are details about societal issues and Lam. It was the CCTV of her odd behaviour in an elevator that made the case go viral. This was discordant and inherently wrong. Nobody converys empathy. The elevator CCTV was weird.

Best Lines:

“Bad things keep happening there.”

“Mental facility.”

“Continues to call to us.”

“Exact opposite of my expectation.”

“Truly the land of plenty.”

“Poorest areas in the entire world.”

“People were giving us looks.”

“Passed out of existence.”

“Buck naked running down the street with a machete.”

“Swept the nation like a horrible pestilence.”

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