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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'In The Earth' teaser

Pandemic horror. Ugh? Not soul jarring.

'Castle Rock' season 2 promo

Annie Wilkes has crazy in her eyes.

'Superman & Lois' trailer

Piss off kids.

'The Equalizer' 1x02 promo

“That's the sound of you not talking.”

'Old' promo

The acting is so bad.

'The Falcon And The Winter Solider' trailer

Zemo. Sharon. Fights.

'Cadillac' superbowl ad

How did Winona have baby Scissorhands????

'The Head' (2020) trailer


Sea salt & black pepper crisps – nice.

Cou d'one au foie gras de canard – mmmm.

I'm tired of habitual inconsiderate behaviour.

On 'Cobra Kai': Johnny showing Miguel his 1984 shirtless beefcake photos is a bit....groomingish.

It's utterly, irrevocably over. My ex did unforgivable behaviour. He has done no repentance or reparation. Forever was cut short.

I want a rose calisson body lotion and rose body oil and scarlet poppy cologne intense and rose prick candle. I want a moon pendant in gold, diamonds and mother of pearl and a handmade tray.

'Horror House' was a Japanese board game.


I'd try bloody mary salad.

What is kachumber salad or mint raita? What's a bitter chocolate delice?

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Fast lane to complacency.”

“Limited and suffocated by it.”

“Not living and not taking chances.”

“Private sacrifices.”

“Despairing lyrics.”

“Gritty live venues.”

“Decimated world.”


“A target for drunks in pubs.”

“Tabloid target.”

“Shamelessly flaunted or assiduously normalised.”

"Histrionic indignation.”

“Unable to reach out from his solitariness.”


“Divinely granted birthright.”

“Deep-rooted sense that something, somewhere has happened.”

“Pyrrhic triumph.”

“A new earnestness.”

“Relentlessly Victorian.”

“Recalled grievances.”

“Scapegoating narrative.”

“Mock any hope of escape.”

“Starved of joy.”

“Reviled subcultures.”

“Abominable, heatenish liqor.”

“An inadequate response.”

“His idea of what makes you a man.”

“Some of them were hurting each other – but consenually.”

“Saw things I never dreampt existed.”

“Forbidden to forbid.”

“Scared of the professional consequnces.”

“This experience was not normal.”

“Force an apology.”

“Never concedes.”

“Strictly codified rules of Parisian social interaction.”

“Deigned to lay his eyes on me?”

“Not a man to be discouraged.”

“Prohibitively expensive patisserie.”

“All for me.”

“Sometimes openly hostile.”

“Reviled by all decent people.”

“No one, apparently was particularly disturbed.”

“Strength and resolve were critical. Truth was irrelevant, weakness a sin and defeat an impossibility.”

“Long-dead president of Venezuela.”

“Dastardly plot.”

“Evidence free.”

“Served him very poorly.”

“Never give up, never concede.”

“What happens in his head is the only reasonable reality.”

“You succeed by being willing to go furthur than the other person.”

“Deranged take.”

“Ominious foreshadowing of what was to come.”

“What do you want to eat that for? It's food for turkeys!”


“Unknowable vastness.”

“Cultural memory.”

“Ossification, the sense of continuity.”

“Grew up in mayhem.”

“Winning culture.”

“We don't want these things.”

“Sought marital advice from a lavatory attendant.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Glacial break.”

'BusinessPost Food & Wine' Quotes:

“Evaporative cooling.”

“Engines of the earth.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Joy is furthest from my mind whenever I see it.”

“Cultivates a life on Facebook.”

“Culture defining.”

“Growing sinister evidence.”

“Malevolent force.”

'Cobra Kai' Quotes:

“Dimestore Freddy Krueger.”

“You did what I always thought you could do: you won.”

“The losers are running the school?”

“Hugs not hits.”

“Catfight that got you expelled.”

“Guess the garbage doesn't fall far from the truck.”

“The coma usually wins.”

“Even less charming that this.”

“Everybody's got a sob story.”

“Don't make me throw a shoe at you!”

“Desperate and a little creepy.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Exploring our defintions of theatre.”

“Edgy by default.”

“Disastrous attempt.”

“Designed (successfully) to provoke international outrage.”

“Disaster waiting to happen.”

“War is unthinkable.”

“Tacitly advocated.”

“Mutual contmept and accusation.”

“Seeming disregard.”

“Lack of effective response.”

“Long compained about his content.”

“Seldom bows to critics,”

“Uneasy questions.”

“No urgency or desire.”

“Extreme anti-social behaviour by groups of teenagers.”

“Remained derelict and vacant.”

“Offsets its contribution to the locality.”

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“No one walks on this.”

“Forfeits the right to get any older.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quote:

“Creepy guy in the basement.”

On 'Hollyoaks': JP will no doubt remain bizarrely smitten by the toxic and coercive George for months. How long will TPTB drag this plot out? Look at how long they tormented Tony for. He was abducted by a serial killer and later tormented by his mad dad and this took up 2 years! One ponders JP's purpose in life. JP is designed to aggravate. One feels no sadness or despair for JP. He is as actively malevolent as George.

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