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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Bloods' promo


'Allen v Farrow' trailer


'Riverdale' 5x04 promo


'Wrong Turn' (2021) clip


San Diego Peri Peri sauce – mmm.

RIP Christopher Plummer.

'The Flash', 'Batwoman', 'Charmed' and 'Riverdale' renewed.

I'm pretty horrified by my ex. My ex = uncaring. My ex did an acute moral wrong and never apologised. My ex is utterly unashamed. My relationship came to a dreadful end.

Watched some of season 3 'Cobra Kai': how does the bitchy teen girl get away with attacking another teen girl with nunchucks? The not so distant past casts a long harsh legacy. There is no escalation of tension. This was shambolic and had crass attempts. There is a catalogue of failures.

I'd like a cream Joplin double-breasted crepe jacket. I want an Intense yellow radiant cut diamond ring with 2 O./50ct DVS1 radiant cut diamonds in 18kt rose gold. I'dlike a pear cut 20ct diamond ring. I want a Georgian gold braclet set with a central pink topaz.

A power cut caused deep distress. There is selfish idiocy out there. There were trying circumstances. I am misused, there was crisis, dread and disorder. There was tension, anxiety and rising panic.

Are they still making dvd players?

I'd try a showcase of chopped steak.

'Groundbreakers' Quotes:

“Opened its doors to the world.”

“Household still abed.”

“Land of the lotus.”

“Lost or past experience.”

“Theatre was an evil place.”

“History of my calamities.”

“Affair didn't end well.”

“Never met again.”

“Almost dismissive of the love affair.”

“Youthful folly.”

“Miserable self.”

“Original treatment.”

“Not nice girls.”

“Increasingly demanding.”

“Couldn't in decency, be away.”

“Received opportunity or pleasure.”

“Good of you.”

“Shadow of misgiving.”

“Code of duty.”

“Expectations of the time.”

“Living the past.”

“Obligations you have beyond it.”

“Only temporary respite.”

“Unconscious of morals.”

“Personal circumstances.”

“Increasingly forgetting.”

“One of the most brilliant minds of a generation.”

“To what extend is the past recuperable?”

“Know what others have known.”

“I do get on with that type.”

“It can never go further than this.”

“That which was wrote with labour deserves to read with such.”

“Found some solace.”

“Lifted a veil from the past.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Character actor trapped in a leading man's body.”

“Artistry and the process.”


“Culpable and reckless conduct.”

“Isn't your home.”

'Scealta Gra Na Heireann' Quote:

“Not happy to have this man as their son.”

'Killer Cops' Quotes:

“Went after wrongdoing.”

“Aggressive denials.”

'Cobra Kai' Quotes:

Biker posse.”

“That time we fought to the death”

“Grow up and have my own strip mall karate school?”

“Everyone's problem.”

“Karate thugs.”

“Couple of grown men about to kick each other into a pool.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Get to control the TV,”

“Personal wealth is now so unimaginably vast.”

“Global attention.”

“Emotive debate.”

“Have their children educated according to their customs.”

“Might go on the drink,”

“Without looking for any gratitude.”

“Colluding in secrecy.”

“Grief by choice.”

“Fatefully enmeshed.”

“Vicious skirmish.”

“Increasingly calamitous.”

“Damage that can be done in the name of art.”

“Repels curiosity.”

“Only male support that over appeared on the scene during all those years.”

“One major drama in the carpark.”

“The world collapsed.”

“House was in turmoil.”

“Their testimonies were not seen as evidence,”

“Very aggressive when they claim a territory.”

“I believed this was an essential challenge to master.”

“Attract the attentions or approval of others.”

“Ominious socio-politcal observation.”


“Thrillingly forbidden.”


“Rendering many streets unrecognisable.”

“Furious and bitter to the end.”


“Gives too much to her partner.”

“Awful delusion.”

“Second-generation traumas.”

“Grim themes.”

“Grander purpose.”

“The only people who seem to have anything vaguely approaching morals.”

“Nostalgic humour.”

“Stark self-interest.”

“Ruthless usurpation.”

“Least consequential.”

“Thwarts her own ambitions of success.”

“Horrible consquences.”

“Corporeal shame.”

“Terrible optimism.”

“Incendiary nature.”

“Righteous frenzy.”

“No discernible political agenda-”

“Regret minimisation.”

“Moral obligation.”

“Each person vaccinated receives their shot at the expence of someone else.”

“Invidious task.”

“Unbearable knowledge.”

“Closing these people out.”

“Solemnity and respect.”

“Master narrative.”

“Achieved infamy.”

“Even maintaining his support after fuller information became available.”


“Such assumptions.”

“The respectable family home.”

“Define the age from which they emerged.”

“Perpetual dignity.”

“Constructed to suit completely different times.”

“Sole method of preserving this essential witness testimony.”

“Architect of their demise.”

“Proximity is dangeorus, and undesirable.”

“Crushed by pestilence,”

“Our lives would look remarkably different, and in all livelihood not for the better.”

“Historically been betrayed.”

“Continued suspicion of the state.”

“Refuse to obey any order.”

“Letter of regret.”

“Not been receding as it used to.”

“Change in the lake's behaviour.”

“Driven the entire village to despair.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quotes:

“Embroiled in hastag hell.”

“Were respected and acclaimed and their work labelled seminal, what she did was dissed and pushed to the art margains.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“Queens of the tight sweater movies.”

'The Man Who Discovered Egypt' Quotes:

“Prospered on the Earth.”

“Determined to be different.”

“Giants in whose shadows we all walk.”

“Wrote learned articles.”

“Good clean fun.”

“Set the course of his life.”

“Spray shields.”

“1st one in living memory.”

“Tomb with a view.”

“What was still there.”

“Using pottery to date other objects.”

“Now shocking views.”

“Intellectual life.”

“Idea of a fun evening in, was to read a good book.”

“Grotesque ideas.”

“Angry with just about anyone who wasn't like him: people who read downmarket newspapers, people who craved unwholesome excitement and people who wasted time watching sport.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“Expand the mythos.”

“Was the wonderful!”

“Dirty little vegan.”

“Drawn by a bunch of vegans!”

“How the delightful!”

“Very much enjoyed.”

“Angry nerds.”

“Strange characters running in my general direction.”

“Entitled brats with no manners.”

“With poop opinions.”

'A Wedding And A Murder' Quotes:

“Huge family dispute.”

“He's done a lot of bad stuff.”

“Liked lavish things.”

“Unbreakable alibi.”

'Lance' Quotes:

“Didn't wanna like em.”

“Left to Lance's wrath.”

“Get your hate on man.”

“Doesn't work good.”


“Evil cheating liar.”

“Didn't have anything to be proud of.”

'Disappeared' Quote:

“Something had not gone right.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quotes:


“Aware of the act of looking.”

“Looked at with respect.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Malign scenario.”

“Admires him sufficiently.”

“The “iron harvest”, the springtime farm work in France and Belgium that even now turns up unexploded bombs and shrapnel form the first and second world wars.”

“An air of desoaltion that bordered on apocalyptic.”

“Everyone you meet is crying or yelling.”

“Ill-informed sneers.”

“Exceptionally bitter.”

“Self-serving lament.”

“Grim associations.”

“Yell for no reason, get sad, and stare out the window.”

'Back' Quotes:

“Bring your stories.”

“Hedge vodka.”

“Gulliable twat watch.”

“Watch episodes of 'Kavanagh QC' on vhs.”

“At Halloween he wires his door knocker to a car battery.”

“She sounds nice.”

“She's really not.”

“Feels uncomfotable and weird.”

'Secret Safari' Quote:

“It's never safe.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Forced into common enterprise.”

“Haven't exchanged much more than a grunt in years.”

“Sublimely morose.”

“Beardy silence.”

“Piercing truthfulness.”

“On disc.”

“Untroubled by fame and fortune.”

“Chaotic happenstance.”

“Impressively unimpressed.”

“Ballet bad boy.”

“Neither of whom does anything of interest than behave badly.”

“Internet philosophers.”

“Simulation theory.”

“What Helene sees in him other than his pert backside.”

“Punch the comet out of existence.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Summer and Brody flirt. She's such a slag. JP accuses George of cheating on him, which he did. George called JP so he could hear George and Dean get it on. George is verifiably false and fundamentally cruel. George is unspeakably cruel and will do JP harm if JP displeases him, JP refuses to see the obvious. George booked into a hotel with Dean, what hotel is open??!?? Where is JP's son during all this?

Goldie dresses badly and how did she get her hair done? Liberty wears a JoJo bow. Brody is awful and nobody wears masks. JP falls for George's crap time and again. Dean gives a warning. George does a cold portryal and has chill restraint. Where are Courtney and Grace's children? Grace's dead brothers are recalled. JP insists George is a wonderful man, despite all contentions to the contrary. JP is an irritation. George also shagged Dean in the folly. George dumps Dean. JP is inexorable. Why are the pub and restarant open? Why is George so madly appealing to JP?

JP is sour-faced. George does more nefarious deeds. JP is perplexingly vapid. JP is warned of George's hidden malevolence. He sees no compelling concern to end their futile and dangeorus relationship. JP is not patently sincere or decent. JP calls Dean a messy homeless stalker. Nobody helps Dean. JP brushes off George hitting him. Lisa was apparently killed off screen.

Grace's club is now a psych office. George claims Dean is the abuser. JP believes George when he claims Dean abused him. George makes Chester hostile terrain for Dean. George lies – it's overt and obvious he's lying. JP cries and tells George all about the attack. Summer waggles her hoo-haa at Brody. George belttiles what happened to JP and makes JP attack Dean with a pair of scissors. The Yahoo Serious lookalike Dean gawps and George sneers as JP goes mental with the scissors - JP works at a school and should be fired for this. This show is all coincidence, ineptitude and randomness.

Best Lines:

“Get out of town! Or else!”

“Sordid little tryst.”

“You and Dean, unforgivable!”

“Moments we wasted.”

“Forever chasing memories.”

“I should be scared of you.”

“Prove you're on my side for once!”

“It wasn't the only time, it wasn't the worst.”

“He's the one to be scared of.”

“Lying in the worst way possible.”

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