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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Punky Brewster' trailer

The 80s sitcom gets a sequel. No.

'Back' promo


'All My Friends Are Dead' trailer

No. This trailer promises chaos. It lies.

'Dead Pixels' promo


'The Disaster Artist' clips

James Franco is too good an actor for this.

'The Room' clip

Seriously WTF is this?

Elderflower lemonade – mmm.

RIP Sir Tom Moore.

My ex made a shocking decision. I feel intense anger. The reason for my ex's actions are an enduring mystery. My ex did a grevious betrayal. Did my ex ghost me in a calm and purposeful way? My ex did a breach of trust.

'RTE News' Quote:

“Mutations of concern.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Cynical politics at best.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Eventual acceptance.”

“Avoid running into the older brothers of some of his schoolmates.”

“That area was notorious, the buses wouldn't even drive through.”

“Domestic confinement.”

“Failed to reach their potential opportunities.”


“Disorientated by the pace of change.”

“National self-doubt.”

“Never not over anything”

“Annoying if tolerable.”

“Simultaneously amused, amazed and depressed.”

“Thrives on culture and international visitors,”

“Vicious cycle of debt and liquidity problems.”

“Show their opposition.”

“Orgy of outrage.”

“Words can have very dangerous consequnces.”

“Keeping for itself all vaccines produced in its territory.”

“Ethical council.”

“Not having the academic calibre.”

“Lunacy Regulation.”

“Malevolent and iniquitous intent.”

“Live up to the worst EU sterotypes.”

“Often the subject of grumbles.”

“Can shut out the relevant experts in thier enthusiasm to get a favoured policy done.”

“Habitual ire.”

“Relentless focus.”

'This Is The End' Quotes:

“I'm drinking and smoking weed. I'm on a cleanse; I'm not psychotic.”

“You don't even know what gluten is.”

“House bitch.”

“For you, I will go.”

“Historical triggers.”

“I've had a victim mentality my whole life.”

“You do seem to hate a lot of things.”

“I bet you hate movies that are universally loved”

'54 Days' Quote:

“Global pandemic potential.”

'Dead Pixels' Quotes:

“Lash myself with a scart cable.”

“Gets a bit bitey and humpy.”

“Rescuing me from the weirdoes.”

On 'Hollyoaks': one waits for George and JP's relationship to meet its disastrous end. Brody is tempted away from Sienna by the dumb bint Summer. Cindy wants Ollie gone. JP is awful and leaves a drunken bitchy voicemail on George's phone. He's playing right into George's hands. The McQueens get away with their crap. Brody walks out on Sienna with one tiny man-bag of his stuff. Where are her twins?!?!?

JP insults Dean. Shut up you tool. Dean sleeps in a car park in a tent during a global pandemic. Mercedes thinks this is hilarious. Why is the pub open during a pandemic? George accuses of JP flirting with James in front of his family. Where is Mercedes' son? Brody flirts with Summer cos he is a tool. George messes with Dean to mess with JP's tiny pea brain. This show is ramshackle. JP's years of attention seeking over reactions have led him to George. JP performs hysteria. Nothing is mournfully observed. George is casually deranged.

Best Lines:

“Drunken paranoid accusations.”

“That scruffy thing that lives in car park?”

“Sorry for calling you thick.”

“Now you care?”

Groundhog GIF by Nature on PBSVIDEO Teen Mom Jenelle Evans costume from True Blood Season 4 finale *  starcasm.net

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