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Legends Of Tomorrow 1x06 Rewatch

Star City 2046

What became of Rip Hunter? This ep was immediately intriguing but 'Arrow' ruined it by saying it was an alternate reality and not the future of 'Arrow'. Oliver is in horrible disgrace and has one arm and even more rebukeable attributes. Oliver is onerous and there is desperate need and unresolved conflict.

There is a creepy sense of unease and Rip is inherently useless even as he drones on about events that you dread. Things are frantically urgent. This show was often dreadful. I have unabashed enthusiasm for this ep. Rip has duplicitious behaviour. Star City is ruined due to the haunting aftermath of a battle that Oliver caused.

The baddie du jour is complex and malicious and has grim mania but again 'Arrow' ruined him in a later ep. The old guy is racist. Star City is full of weird psychotic scumbags. What became of Snart? Conor Hawke was nowhere near as good in 'Arrow' as he was in this ep. Mick's bad. Like duh. Grant Wilson is mean. Star City is beyond saving after the uprising 15 years ago.

Sara learns her dad died in this future. What became of Joe and Slade in this future? Why does Ray stay on the ship? Hawkgirl is boring. Oliver has dark memories and dedication to his illogical doctrine. Connor's real name is John Diggle Jnr. Diggle is dead. Oliver is a unrepentant murderer. Ray is not endearingly funny.

Laurel's dead. Ha ha ha, suck it bitch. Oliver whines like he has a crab up his backside. No Mia and her merry band of morons in this ep. This future never came to pass. Rip is selfish and can't act. This ep isn't quite as good as I recalled.

Best Lines:

“None of this even comes to be.”

“He was insane. Seems to run in the family.”

“You're just a punk in a Halloween costume!”

“Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you.”

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