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The Terror 1x07&1x08 + Riverdale 5x02 + The Pembrokeshire Murders 1x03 Reviewed 👎👎👎👎

Horrible From Supper

It is a distressing state of affairs. Hickey isn't the real Hickey. There is imperious indifference. One has no idea if these historical events happened. There is no cold breath and there is no weight loss or moral exceptionalism. Mutiny is planned. Crozier leaves people behind on the ships. Their hair isn't growing. Terror is tilted.

What is EC? Where is Lady Silence? Where is the ship's cat? Crozier has sunglasses. The dog barks. They're obviously on a set. The crew haul lifeboats and a stiff upper lip is consistently maintained. People are reticent. Hickey has premeditation. This was not insightful. This was not edifying. Everything that was to come is hinted at. Things are done under the veneer of moral guidance. There is daunting uncertainty. They still eat the food from the tins.

There's Lady Silence. All this is entirely unsubstantiated. What became of Fagin the cat? The previous party never reached safety. They are all dead. Crozier keeps their fate a secret. It's very bright. There is no snow blindness. What are switchbacks? FitzJames is ugly and do they have crampons? A tattered flag is seen. There is deliberate ambiguity. There are no mitigating cirumstances. There is an obsession with social status.

Crozier has an object of suspicion. There is broken glass. The dead monkey is seen. Someone rants. There is no empirical verification of anything in this. There is no incentive to care. There is gunfire. The surgeon has a good cry. Lady Silence gives him a cuddle. Crozier shaves. Did Hickey eat Neptune the dog? Inuit are seen. Hickey rabble rouses. There are flashbacks and this was not an act of remembrance.

Best Lines:

“No defences out there.”

“Go no further.”

“Sail hard, out and away.”

“I hope it happens, I do.”

“Under English blankets.”

“Share a burden: you and I.”

“What do you propose we hunt?”

“They must. For now.”

“Profoundly unhelpful.”

Who else has seen this or knows?”

“18 miles: that's all they made.”

“Never want to feel ice under my boots again.”

“Something comes hunting us.”

“More to that story then we've heard?”

“You have my trust.”

Terror Camp Clear

Where was this filmed? Crozier broods. It's April 1848 and the stone cairn is seen. An old pen is seen. FitzJames mumbles and spews secrets. FitzJames blathers about his useless father and how his mother probably came from a Portuguse family exiled in Brazil. To think Franklin and FitzJames were once better friends to each other than they were to Crozier.

There is outrageous bad taste. Hickey will no doubt inflict serious harm. Fitzjames and Crozier make pledges of friendship. This tries to demystify a mystery. This was not relevant. People are idiots. The Inuit won't help now. There is condemnation. There are no logical assumptions. Crozier is incensed. There are odd bruises and the desperate are persuadable.

FitzJames' old scars reopen. There is rampant paranoia and impaired cognition. There is racist demonisation. Hickey wants maps burnt. Nobody is objective. Hickey perpetrates. Crozier wants carpenters. Hickey has adherents. This was such a negative. This tracks their ruin. Hickey's tastes are beyond the mainstream. Hickey lies and gets away. The monster attacks and flares are fired.

Best Lines:

“Excite foolish ones.”

“Good men in their crews.”

“Best walker in the service.”

“Another attempt at the passage.”

“Political luck.”

“Acts of valour.”

“Ruined himself.”

“Never told more.”

Find people to raise me.”

“Blood on their persons.”

“Can't even find English words for.”

“It's not quick this.”

“Not like we are here.”

“Problem you thought you had.”

“Who is in his coven?”

“Worst kind of sorry.”

“Indisputable proof of a lie.”

“Pernicous charges.”

“Mutinious designs.”

“I own that decision and would make it again.”

“Now we all know: no one is coming for us.”

“Slice off his manparts.”

“That line of help has been cut off from us now.”

Chapter Seventy-Eight: The Preppy Murders

This was stunningly uninteresting. Archie looks 40 and is havoc causing. Betty wears tight trousers. Archie is selfish and a terrible friend. This show is not all that flattering to Archie. This was chaotic. Hiram looks roided out. This was misguided and one is revolted by Archie.

This was eerily serious and there are bizarre antics and craziness. There are unfavourable facts and dangerous antics done with gravest seriousness. There is denial of logic. Archie is dark and dystopian. A loony is unmasked. There is no underlying meance. There is ridicule and arrogance and mindless idiots. Nobody cares about Cheryl.

There are grim milestones and a reckoning is coming. There are fraught times, bluster and sweeping assurances. This was ineffective. Archie has considerable anger. This was half-hearted and confusing. There is contentious debate. This was feeble and implausible. Hiram has an abusive influence. Jughead's dad is seen and his sister is a bad un. There are grim encounters and this was horrible.

Archie looks sweaty and cracked out. There is catastrophic moral failure and there are widely believed notions. Molly Ringwald cries and the psycho half brother leaves. This was galling and there are clueless attempts at heroism.

Best Lines:

“Hateful bitches, all of them.”

“Of course my brother's a serial killer.”

The Pembrokeshire Murders 1x03

Cooper killed his dishrag wife. Cooper has darker intentions and murderous intent. Cooper's shorts are obsessed over. Cooper is tried. Cooper's horrible barrister tries to blame the abused son. Cooper plays the poor me card. No. Cooper is sent up the river for his evil wickedness.

Best Lines:

“Offending gear.”

“Bad things happen around bad men."

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