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Movie Reviews: Hotel Artemis + The Woman In The Fifth

Hotel Artemis (2018)

Jodie Foster stars in this film about a secret criminal hospital in a dystopian LA. There is a curfew and there is a damaging lack of trust and faith. There is a riot. Things are fraught and there is yelling. This not unexpected and dramatic. There are implications and consequnces. There are potentially devastating results. There is no integrity. There is a mole and a 3D printed liver.

This was not innovative. There are troublesome times and this was a hinderance. This was not useful in life. There are unseemly disputes and this was inadequate. This was particularly galling. There is no solidarity or spirit of common endeavour. There is a malestom of violence. There is a lack of personal care. There is no defining challenge. This has many inadequacies. This was intensely frustrating and cliched. There are false narratives and a hitwoman doing the splits in a ballgown. There are uncontrollable criminals.

People are gravely false and misleading. This was hardly gripping stuff. There is a perilous situation and blood and brain waste and social priviledge. Nobody self reflects and there is no shared vision. Sterling K. Brown, Zachary Quinto, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum and Dave Bautista co star.

Best Lines:

“How can I help?”

“Cut off the public water supply.”

“Liver scan commencing.”

“Especially with what's coming up next.”

“This is America honey, 85% of what I fix is bulletholes.”

“Start with the good news.”

“There isn't any.”

“Get your hand off my goddam Guc.”

“Risking everything.”

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

“Don't give them your dignity for free.”

The Woman In The Fifth (2011)
Ethan Hawke does actings!

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