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Swamp Thing 1x04&1x05 Reviewed

Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Things are deeply concerning. What caused Maria's intense antipathy toward Abby? There is habitual brutality in Marais. There are damning truths, inevitable trauma, disturbing revealtions and ferocious cruelty – all hinted at for now.

Maria's moral superiority and maltreatment of Abby and ongoing outright hostility annoy. A zombie attacks. Swamp Thing lurks. Things are unsettling. Abby and the Sutherlands have personal and shared history which isn't dwelt on for now. This show is so very green. I don't think Abby and the Sutherlands will be reconciling anytime soon. Is the green flu still raging? Liz works in a bar as well as being a reporter? A guy trips.

Avery has sinister purposes. Abby does not work but looks for Alec. Angry molesting vines lurk. There is mumbling. This show's reception was not adulatory. Nothing in Avery betokens shame. There is massive societal failure in Marais.

Blue Devil lurks in the hospital, there are no masks worn. The irritating kid lurks. Avery plans a crawfish boil. Maria bitches and is deliberately divisive. This was not resonant. The CDC are leaving. Avery has a high profile reputation in town. The sheriff lurks, staring. People hallcinate. Avery and Maria live in that big house alone. Blue Devil made a bargain. Avery buys the irritating kid for Maria. This was average and deeply frustrating.

Best Lines:

“Swamp eyes.”

“There's danger here.”

“Last 10 million years of biology.”


“Until called upon.”

“Called to a destiny.”

“Why would I give a damn about the rest of the world?”

“Swamp took my old man. The hard years after.”

“Ugly memories.”

“Died afraid.”

“Something terrible is coming.”

“Darkness was never meant to leave him.”

“Tell me how any of this makes sense.”

“The destiny of this entire town and everyone in it.”

Drive All Night

No stark reality. Marais has a grim legacy. There is no basic decency. This was aggravating. Avery boffs the sheriff. Maria freaks. Blue Devil has issues. Who is Matt's dad? Swamp Thing has issues. Avery meances a poor turtle and Liz's dad. There is bad acting.

Swamp Thing babbles about trees and the green. Some rando shows up and vanishes without explanation. Maria's bitchy dead daughter lurks. Susie is possessed by Shawna. Susie is still an irritating kid. Abby can't use a stethoscope. Shawna's mean and pukes up a snake. Maria hates Abby. Maria's crazy. Abby's hair blows in the breeze. There is lack of authenticity.

Is Matt a bad un? There is no validity to this. The sheriff murders someone. This was not satisfyingly ambiguous. Abby's mother knew the fortune teller? What about Abby's dad? Shawna and Abby are old friends who have nothing in common but the past. Shawna is refered to as a bad girl. Why was Alec murdered? Maria tries to murder Abby. This is sub-par 'Days Of Our Lives' stuff.

Dirty swamp water is ignored. There is incoherence. What happened to the green flu? Swamp Thing saves Maria. Why? Gibberish words are uttered. Why were Abby and Shawna driving around at 5:30? Why did Abby push Shawna off a bridge? What killed Shawna? Where's Liz's girlfriend? Blue Devil is in peril. This is not oddly enjoyable.

Best Lines:

“Get my life back on track.”

“Piece of bar trash.”

“That time is past.”

“There's danger here.”


“I'm sorry I killed Shawna!”

“Be bad.”

“Our nicknames! Our song!”

“Been breaking some laws?”

“Darkness has twisted her spirit.”

“Of I was any good at law breaking, would I be eating rat?”

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