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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Godzilla v Kong' trailer

How did they get him off Skull Island?!??!?

'Nightbreed' promo


'Devils' promo


'Your Honor' promo

A judge's son kills the son of the head of a vicious crime family. Things go badly.

'Batwoman' 2x03 promo


'Honest Trailers: Wonder Woman 1984'


Rouille Bio au sel Marin – mmmm.

Rouille setoise – okay.

Crispy hearts – mmmmm.

Irish black butter – weird.

I feel fury, distress and resentment. Why are things irreconcilable? It was supposed to be us against the world. How come I couldn't make him stay? My ex had a facade of love. I feel rather uncared for. He chose to leave my life.

I think of my former classmates: bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches.

Guiliani was on 'Law & Order'.

I won't read 'The Night Agent'.

Watched part 1 of 'Lance' (2020) - “Get my hate on.”

What's a wild garlic caper?

I want a palmyre white gold and diamond necklace.

Turbands are a thing?

400,0000 dogs and cats were put down by their owners in London in the 1st 4 days of WW2 because pets weren't allowed into bomb shelters. Bastards.

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“I wouldn't even walk into a room if I thought the news was on in there.”

“Uniquely aware of what they see as the truth.”

“Talked himself into prison.”


“Ethical protocols.”

“Coerced family seperation and secrecy.”

“Dreadful to be so completeley abandoned.”

“Can help but feel resentful.”

“Added bitterness of an old friend.”

“Source of shame and stigma.”

“Indifferently understood past.”

“Resented his lack of recognition?”

“Shatter and change your perspective on life,”

“Long been exiled from decent company.”

“Old blokes failing to rekindle earlier glories:”

“Lot of misery to unpack-”

“Mutterings on the street of something dreaful slouching its way from San Francisco and New York.”

“Socially produced trauma.”

“Help a community survive when those in power abandoned them.”

“Four hippopotamuses escaped, becoming feral, and have been spotted occasionally in lakes in the surrounding countryside...these hippos and their descedants are thriving in the Colombian jungle.”

'History Of Swear Words' Quotes:

“Gravy spigot.”

“Does anti-social things.”

'Discovering Tommy Lee Jones' Quote:

“Digging graves in the back yard didn't bring any.”

'The Case Died With Her' Quotes:

“Justice goes unserved.”

“Making up lies.”

“Young lady of ill repute.”

“Punishment range.”

'Top Marks For Murder' Quotes:

“You just have to get used to being like the rest of us.”

“But I'm not like the rest of us.”

“What sort of foreign?”

“Why, a woman would have to be dead to leave a hat from a Paris atelier behind!”

“Rather common-looking.”

“Her mother is “off learning mysticism in India”, which is exactly the sort of thing you would say if you'd just killed her in the woods.”

'Supergirl' Quote:

“Your justice will burn the world of men.”

Supergirl: Who is Reign and What Does She Want? | DC

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“My prize psychopath.”

“Going shopping for lewd pottery.”

“Slipping and falling back first onto a knife.”

“My slaves hate me for some reason.”

“What more do you want?”

'Made For Murder' Quote:

“Someone to avoid.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Culture of servitude and inequality.”

“So long forgotten.”

“Not the same as it was.”

“I heard you can read.”

“Romero style vision of hazmat suits and rapidly rising infections.”

“Selfless determination.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Simultaneously hilarious and unsettling eperience.”

“Dominant culture.”

“Private fantasy worlds?”

“Gripping saga.”

“Hounded off social media.”

“Why such a furious response to what is just a fame?”

“Sold a vision of something that doesn't really exist.”

“Ferocity of this response.”

“Creative darkness.”

“Insincere and empty delight.”

“Resigned despair.”

“Near-dystopian horror-”

“Murderous instincts.”

“Penthouse eyries of their bosses.”

“Facade of loathing?”

“Bleak confrontation.”


“Relentless indoctrination.”

“Ideological reasons.”

“Who must have fancied themselves serious historical actors, have ended up in the dustbin of history.”

“Suffused with distain.”

“What they did not longer matters much, except to their victims.”

“Sanctimonious idealists.”

“Grim months.”

“Quiet acquiescence.”

“Severe distress.”

“Vile young rake.”

“Sinister details.”

“Despairing epitaph.”


“Theologically abusive.”

“Whether willingly or unwillingly no one knows.”

“Dead-eyed ruthlessness.”

“Look of distain.”

“Consistently misread.”

“Wilful ignorance.”

“Huge emotional impact,”

“Just some blogger.”

“Malevolent behaviour.”

“Lack of retaliation.”

“There's nothing more soul-sapping than to go back to a beloved place to find it saddened, diminished - or worse, a pastiche of itself.”

“Which civilisation collapse I was going for,”

“Contempt industry.”

“Malign genius.”

“Interloper in his own country.”

“Opposite of his intention.”

“Dispatch inconvenient claims to the family farm.”

“Shamed girls.”

“Nicer convents, respectable schools.”

“Hopeless, loveless circumstances.”

“Less rapturous.”

“Social issues.”

“Kicked her out of Dubai in the 1970s.”

“Satan's drink.”

“Took little notice of the 1960s-”

“Purposefully artifical.”

'Killer In Question' Quote:

“Image of self importance.”

'Sex, Lies And Murder' Quotes:

“Death of her ex husband in her garage.”

“Jealously, rage and an axe.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

A society that only one generation ago, was unrecognisably inhumane and craven.”

“Noise and improbability.”

“Commitment was absolute.”

“Tepid and petrified men trying to remake the world in their own faded image.”

“Portents of things to come.”

“Dreadful consequnces for those who step out of line.”

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