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The Pembrokeshire Murders 1x02

Cooper bullies his wet rag wife and tells the police his disabled son is the killer. People whine. Why does Cooper's dumb bitch wife dance attendance on him? She ignored Cooper abusing their son. The old tv show 'Bullseye' had Cooper as a contestant in the 1980s! Cooper gets out. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“The glove wearer in the family.”

“Charge threshold.”

It's A Sin (2021) 1x01

This starts in 1981 and is a typical Russell T Davis tv show: men shag each other and women clean up after them whilst either being a Cool Girl or a dull housewife. This was way overhyped and overpraised. As Ritchie leaves the Isle Of Wight for college his father gives him condoms, which he throws away – the fool will regret that. This was not even perfectly adequate. This tries for a melancholy sensibility and wistfulness. There are glum omens which Ritchie ignores.

This was not a mournful reflection on a lost era. Ritchie and co have lingering victim complexs. There are no stifled dreams or crushing despair. Ritchie is a brat and he has petulant conviction. Roscoe runs away from home. Colin is the boring one. They'll all be irrevocably changed by what they do and find in London. There is talk of a jotter.

A tailor is obssessed with washing. Neil Patrick Harris has a cameo. He overacts wildly. This was not powerfully conjured. Jill befriends Ritchie. There are numerous author tracts. There is nothing to like about Ritchie. There are hints of something coming. Colin has to put on protective gear to visit Harris in hospital. What happened to Juan Pablo?

How did Roscoe get to London? He may be working in a bar but how is Ritchie earning money? The 3 young men live in a house with Jill called the Pink Palace. They are idiots. Ritchie is warned about GRID by a woman and he is rude to her. Ritchie doesn't listen. This was deadly dull Ritchie has wanton hubris. GRID is mentioned in the paper. A year passes in this ep. Ritchie is willing to throw away college. Ritchie's family are awful. Harris dies and his bed is santisied. Nurses actually clean. Ritchie is horrible. Tracy-Ann Oberman guest stars. This was grubby and Ritchie and co try for insolence and larkiness. This was not feel good fun and Davis acts like quarantine and PPE are bad things. Jill is played by Lydia West who was Lucy in the 2020 'Dracula'.

Best Lines:

“No capacity for morals.”

“Fallen into the pit!”

“Not going to ruin my life too!”

“Dreaming of Steve Austin.”

“Ramp agent?”

“Shave his little hum.”

“I'll think you'll find you're not.”

“You are so pathetic.”

“Blooody argie!”

“I lock the front door at ten.”

“I had him.”

“Coming over here.”

Diggin Up Bones

The Earp sisters wear thrush inducing shorts. Will Willa show up alive already? This show is truly awful. There is no narrative or character. Malevolent demons lurk. Wynonna has scornful hauteur in another bad situation. Dolls lurks. This was lame and laughable and this was unimaginable awfulness.

This was tediously banal and duff and a dead loss that is painfully stilted. This was almost pointless and overfamiliar. Risk is avoided. This was bloated and creatively dead. Wynonna is not liked. She and her sister are idiot bimbos. Wynonna walks around with her big gun thinking she's tough. Doc Holliday walks around in old fashioned clothes with 2 guns and no one notices. Some tool named the Stone Witch bores. What is Doc Holliday? Wynonna shags Doc Holliday in the dirt. This was terrible.

Best Lines:

“Where the bad seeds end up.”

“Born bad.”

“They're bad people.”

Quiz (2020) 1x01

ITV's drama about the alleged 2001 'cheating' on a 2001 ep of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'. The whole thing stinks of a scam. TPTB have money grabbing malicious intent. Michael Sheen plays Chris Tarrant. People try to game the show. There is wild overacting and over reactions and really bad form. This was silly.

Best Lines:

“Title's crap.”



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