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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Honest Trailers: Cobra Kai'


Best Lines:

“Bad ass snake.”

“2 word vocbulary.”

“So stuck in the past.”

'Star Trek: Picard' trailer

So much promise, wasted.

'School's out Forever' trailer

This is an 'Afterblight' movie!!!!!

'Superman & Lois' trailer


A 'Growing Rich' actress was on 'Midsomer Murders'!

Martin Kemp John Stride Growing Rich Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image |  ShutterstockGrowing Rich parts 1 2 3 - YouTubeGrowing Rich [VHS]: Martin Kemp, John Stride, Rosalind Bennett, Caroline  Harker, Claire Hackett, Ann Firbank, Graham Norton, Pearce Quigley, Georgia  Allen, Janet Key, Brian Farnham, Martin Kemp, John Stride, Roger Gregory,  Fay

RIP Mira Furlan.

'Back' Quotes:

“Terrorists and sex offenders have decimated the balaclava industry.”

“Some guy running a middling provincal pub.”

“Heritage pighead.”

“Lifeboat boxes.”

“Curry night.”

“I don't know why it closed down.”

“2 people were stabbed to death there.”

“Driven into mental collapse.”


“Catherer up your Rees-Mog.”

“Forcibly encouraged by his family and the wider community to become an in-patient here.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Shunned his company.”

“Defined America.”

“All for shock content.”

“Polite America.”

“Covid curfew.”

“Gotten several drinks thrown at my car.”

“Make up my narrative for me.”

“Tension starts to ignite.”

'Til Kingdom Come' Quotes:

“Felt like we were forgotten.”

“Necessary prophetic events.”

“Sowing good seed into good ground.”

“Cannot trust their neighbours.”

“Contributed very negatively.”

“Speak of an empty land.”

“Facts of history.”

“My mind won't be changed on that.”

“Partnership of God.”

“Heavy potential for escalation.”

“Hebrew friends.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Pestilence rages.”

“Damning obituary.”

“Depraved, drunken madman.”

“Weirdo lunatic.”

“Stalked by death, even by the standards of the early 19th-century.”

“So pervasive that it had killed one in seven of all people who had ever lived.”

“No evidence of human presence there.”

“Confused and distressed.”

“”Bermuda Triangle stuff”.”

“Fight to exclude patients massing outside the door.”

“Untroubled by historic echoes.”

“Gets angry about not getting enough attention and shouts down the phone.”

“Negative apotheosis.”


“Arguing with anyone,”

“Getting arrested.”

“Micro-thonged social media sensation.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“Sex business.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“Eggy bread.”

“Very shaming.”

“You will not be welcome there!”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Compliance for compliance.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Profound concern.”

“Victim empathy courses.”

'How To Be A Good President' Quotes:

“Decency in the White House.”

“Devious, nasty, conspiratorial scumbags.”

“Couldn't make friends.”

“Take government off the backs off the great people of America.”

“Domination of all peoples on the Earth.”

“Oprah Winfrey gone mad.”

“God, the flag and then the office of the president.”

“Ruined a man and a presidency.”

'Drakon' Quotes:

“We anticipated thousands of millenia to bring the galaxy under the Domination of the Draka.”

“I saw your ancestors leaving for Alpha Centauri, and wept with envy...”

“I'm not human, but my ancestors were; and what they dreamed, we are.”

Drakon (novel) - Wikipedia

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