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Wynonna Earp (2016-?) 1x01&1x02 + Tiny Pretty Things 1x09 + Supergirl 3x04 Reviewed 🩰🩰🩰🩰🍷🩸


This is no good but I am mildy interested. There is mumbling and no names. There is yelling about a curse. Wynonna attacks people and is the family black sheep seeing as she caused the deaths of her sister and father. This was trite. She has emotional irritability and is dog rough. This was self-indulgent incoherence. This was fanciful and sheer illogic. Wynonna is not harmonious. The core mythology of this show bores.

This was inevitably disappointing and frustrating. This was desultory. This debacle is a shoddy affair that is dismal and tedious and unsatisfying viewing. Wynonna is off her meds. She's not liked. She's an incompetent hideous. Her surviving younger sister is nearly murdered but walks it off. Demons lurk. This was mundane and it was neither dark nor complex nor engrossing.

Best Lines:

“I'm talking to my truck!”

“They can't take the house.”

“The clap that done him in.”

“Listen you washed up rodeo clown!”

“Next Earp heir, destined to inherit Wyatt's abilities.”

“As broken as they come.”

“I'll protect it even if you won't.”

Keep The Home Fires Burning

Doc Holliday bores. Wynonna does reckless gun usage. People mumble. Wynonna doesn't care she killed her father. She cracked a joke about it. Wynonna fires off a gun making sex noises. I detest her. A government agent named Dolls makes no friends. A demon looks like Liam Neeson after a bender. Wynonna's sister dresses like a biker whore. This sucks.

It's Not The Waking, It's The Rising

Officer Cruz lurks. There is moral weakness and there is overblown dialogue. Things are close to lunacy. The expose was inevitably detrimental. Bette is so awful. There is no internal logic or moral consistency. This lacks intention, insight or wit. There is shiftlessness and this show fails to deliver on its ambition. June's mother shows up.

There is disquiet and apprehension. This was a complete disaster. Bette is inevitably damaging. Bette takes June's role again. Bette isn't sorry. Monique is in pain and doesn't care about public perception. Ramon is dreadful. This was totally disheartening. This was an ineffective mess. This was unsatisfactory. There are negative effects. Oren and Neveah hook up. Why? He's a burk.

Monique has a past and points out for every prima there are a dozen corps dancers. Bette is callous and inexplicably baffling. Cruz has a past. There is terrible mistreatment which is shrugged off. This was appalling. Shane's new boytoy Dev treats him badly. There are shameful aspects and competive outrage and moral weakness and Bette is awful.

Bette needs to make moral reparation. There is no moral vision. Ramon meances Cassie. There is bitter and divisive turmoil. Cassie dumps Nabil. This was ignominious. Things are deeply riven. There are flagrant lies and darker instincts and toxic energy.

This was not innovative. There is intolerable dysfunction. Shane is insulted and Caleb shrugs it off. Oren has indifference to Shane's pain. Bette is all conniving and callousness. This was grim, very grim. Monique dumps Calbe. Cruz ignored a student admitting she did cocaine. The couple have issues. Bette's arrested for pushing Cassie. Oren wants to support Bette. June takes her role back. Bette's sister pushed Cassie.

Best Lines:

“The truth will come in time.”

“It's not yours now.”

“40 years of demanding the best from my body.”

“My hip hurts because daddy never loved me?”

“The Bette show.”

“Beautiful ballerinas and wealthy men.”

“Never enough for you.”

“I can't be wrong again.”

“Ballet is the great destroyer.”


The Faithful

Plodding self seriousness, Kara being viciously stupid and Melissa Benoist's Chris Wood obsession ruined this show. The events of 1x01 changed the life of Chad Lowe. A cult of people saved by Supergirl worship her. Will Sam just become Reign already? This was dull.

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